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Miami Heat a Success despite loss in Finals


So, 1 year + 1 day ago Lebron James how it came to fruition. had his famous decision. Much has been published recently w/ behind the scenes info about. While I’ve maintained from the jump that dude was exercising his right to  choose at the conclusion of his contract. The vitriol & coverd as if Lebron owed him t racism he endured the entire season is reminiscent of the Willie Lynch Letter.

You see the owners response was most instructive. He acted as if LBJ owed him something. My take is he didn’t owe him or the city of Cleveland anything. In sports,  racism is alive & well.


And it’s unchecked b/c people are so passionate about it.

It’s like cities, front office personnel take ownership over their

players. This is Patriarchy tied to White supremacy.  YYou see players are drafted by their physical talents, like slaves on the auction blocks.

Players are rated on how fast, how how high they can move jump and perform the tasks of the game.

So,  when a player tries to use his own self determination. Well,  he must be made an example of.

Did Lebron break any laws? No! So, why the backlash?

He practiced what Garvey called Self-Determination. Any black man doing so, after his master/owner liberated him from povertyy deserves more. More what? More loyalty (see House Nigroe).

Lebron really knows now what it means to be an independent thinker, and individual who is willing to take risks. 

People shroud the issue w/ the way he left, him not notifying Cleveland etc.

That is scuttlebut, Bull shit. No matter where he went people were going to bIt made iot worse in their eyese hot. that he went to tream w/ another superstar. The fear was he would steal, or unfairly win the “ship due to competitive advantage.

Are owners re3quired to inform players of impending trades, waivers etc ? Hell no. So, why catigate Lebron for the same method of operation? He is from the worker, burden beare class.

This class can’t think independently. The owner/advisor does the thinking for them. Hmmm, LBJ, Wade, Bosh turned the Basketball world on its head. Why?

They did the unthinkable, sacrificed millions of dollars in salary.

Chose the road less travelled by joining forces.  Each player took a hit to their character. Why b/c every team has a clear #1 player.

This squad arguably has 3 now. That’s never happened.