About Me…

Mr. Holloway

MUSIC is to the SOUL what the HEART is to the BODY…
A CHOICE is what YOU are GIVEN, A DECISION is what you MAKE…..
When ONE starts to make DECISIONS they are led to SELF DISCOVERY…
The BEGINNING and ENDING may be with ME, but YOU are EVERYTHING in BETWEEN…”

  1. Hi Dwayne

  2. I was having some problems at first posting. But I got it now.
    Nice picture….a lil different from what I’m use to seeing, but I like it! You got a lot of info on this site. I can tell you put some time into it. Well, I’m running as usual. I added you to my favorites, and will take some time to post from time to time.

    Take care

    • Hey. I’m glad you got a chance to 2 check it out. Yea, this look is a lil different, tho its da same ole D. Thank you I’m looking forward to your comments about different posts…Come forward soon!!

  3. Where Can I find the contacts Muata Abhaya Ashby or a certified center where I can learn this philosophy?

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