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Just read an article on BE, Black  Enterprise. It asks the question: What does your office space say about you? Well, to jump right into it. I think my space says that i’m thought provoking with the collection of various books.

I have Louise Hay’s book about physical ailments and hte metaphysical reasoning behind them. I have actor/rapper Common’s new book; “One Day it will all Make sense.”

In addition, to these I have Thef Neteru: Movement of the Gods & Goddesses, as well as, Initiation into Egyptian Yoga. Then I have the requisite men’s magazines like Sports Illustrated.

Also, the daily paper, the TBT Tampa Bay Times. Since I sit in a cubicle it’s hard to have any posters, paintings etc. I do however have about a 9 inch statute of Heru/Horus splendid with color, & detail.

I also have a bamboo plant that adds a lot of life to my personal space. This plant is indicative of my work day, and my time at this career. It has grown beyond beief. Many question if it’s real. It most assuredly is. Though, i must admit all I do is add water. I know the reason it has grown and that is because of the concentration of energy that I manifest on a daily basis.

Indeed, this plant is a microcosm of myself, so I treat it as such. I aid in growth with a constant stream of  oxygen directly as prayer, and recitation of words of power. Indirectly, with my conversation with my co-workers. I learned a long time ago the symbiotic relationship between plants, trees & humna beings.

Moreover, my constant high level mof energy that is encompassed within my aura, and evidenced by my “swagger.” All within, as well as without on a day-to-day in my office space.

I know that the placement of wind & water, also known as Fen Shui is also indicative of myself and my wholistic being within this space known as my office. Since, I can not bring posters, or large pictures I mitigate that with vibrant colors, life, and order in chaos.

A few weeks ago a co-worker cautioned me to tidy up my desk by throwing away old papers, training materials etc. As a student of psychology I am well aware of the connection of my environment to my mental  state. So, it was with much enthusiam that I began to discard old belongings, while simmultaneously making room for the new.

Soon after I made room for the new. I was in store for a move of my office space to a new space. I may have been the only one on  my team that actually looked forward to the move.  For as the saying goes; “there is only one constant and that is change!” I embrace this notion on a day-to-day.

So, when the change came I eagerly anticipated the new energy I’d benefit from by having more natural lighting from the sun because I was moving within a space that had twice as many windows. Although, I now sat with my back to a narrow walkway and wall I now had to adjust to the acoustics of a low hanging wall directly over my cubicle.

Many have commented that I now have “prime real estate: because I’ve literally moved from the back  of the office, to the front. Internally, I know this is just an outcome of the inner workings of my embracing my own personal  space within as reflected without.

I pay attention to the subtle nuances around me which is why I deliberately have certain aesthetically appealing objects around my ofice space that both enliven, as well ass center my energy. “As within, As without!”

Now, if I can just find a small water feature that I  can add to my desk it would encompass a way to incite all  of my senses inside & out! 🙂

I accept change, and the renewal of my energy everyday. I know my personal space is a direct reflection of my internal space. “If there is no enemy within, then the enemy without can do you no harm!”

I embrace my self with patience, serenity, & alturistic love. I enjoy my personal space at work because I have been insightful to the interplay of the 4 elements, 5 senses. 4 + 5= 9. 9 is life. I keep myself enlivened at work, as I do at home. I openly share my good will, knowledge & good will those around me. I keep myself focused with distictive objects that I have chosen to surround myself with.

My personal space is sacred! 




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