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That team meeting after the DAL loss has proven to be definitive. These guys took personal accountability on the flurry of losses. Instead of imploding they ‘clapped back’ by getting on the same page & getting it done on the court.
Therse guys are sharing the ball more, still to much LBJ dribbling at top of key for too long into hte shot clock. Yet, Bosh has answered the critics w/ some effective play down low. He has scored some with his back to the basket. He’s been aggressive more earlier & later in games.

Wade has started to drive hard to the basket, as well as finishing layups the rim.
Even LBJ has taken better shots within the flow of the offense to keep the team engaged in its offensive sets, or half court sets. The HEAT is playing better, and the win over ATL is a quality win despite the absence of JJ.
This week the team shoulde aim at 5-0 with highly competitive games on the road, punctuated w/ victories over to Western Conference powerhouses in UTA & NOH.

I’m excited about the potential now hte HEAT seem to have that much needed chemistry, & on court cohesion that had been missing when observing the Big 3. Now, they each singularly & collectively seem to be dialed in intense, engaged & ON FIRE!!!

LET”S GET IT MIA….. As Khujo from the GOODIEMOB sayss; ” HEAT make anything move, even TYSON can get laid down w/ this tool!”

Let’s move HEAT past ATL, ORL, BOS in the standings & to our rightful place challenging SAS & UTA for the best reccord in the NBA.