In response to a blog about Lebron James’ latest remarks about, “race being a factor” behind his attacks this past summer…..

In HOT BUTTON TOPIC, SPORTS, WORD ON THE STREET on October 2, 2010 at UTC.43.31.

It’s unfortunate certain people don’t have the propensity or wherewithal to notice racism when they read, or hear it in the media or elsewhere. All the negative swirl surrounding an athlete based on his choice to exercise his “free” agency is in itself prejudicial. Owners & GM’s don’t give their players advanced notice their being cut, traded, demoted etc.

So, why the double standard “LBJ only gave the CAVS 5 mins notice. Then the CAVS should consider themselves fortunate. He didn’t owe them anything, this is a business. Business decisions are made daily w/ players seldom, if at all notified. Let’s be clear RACISM is a system of power to oppress, persecute & perpetuate power through perception, either real, imagined or imagined!!

Anyone w/ half a brain reading the comments on blogs can see that race is the underlying factor behind the HATE for all things Lebron. This guy is a stand up individual, never broken the law, never been caught w/ his pants down (pun intended). Yet, he endures snipes more so, than guys/girls who have broken laws. Now, tell me why is that?

Why does his “white” audience harbor animosity towards a guy only a few months ago they praised heavily (during the regular season). Recall, ‘Bron was taking a lot of HEAT in Cleveland fr the way the CAVS were expelled from the playoffs. Let’s be clear!! Fans were hating on him long before the decision. In fact, a lot of those permutations & comments were racist as well.

I’m starting to believe that my white brothers & sisters have a hard time understanding, intuiting & comprehending their own complicit/duplicit nature w/ race in America. With the way those fans were tearing ‘Bron a new asshole in the media, blogs, commentary etc. For anyone to think “Bron was staying in Cleveland, they were having delusions of grandeur to say the least!!

KG told “Bron not to make the same mistake he did, by being loyal to a team well past your prime, the way he did! “Do what’s best for you & your family!” “Bron did, and the backlash was rife w/ covert racism. Was it a factor? Hell Yes! Was it an overriding factor? Who knows, but it wouldn’t be surprising given America’s history. WHY is that comment controversial? Because some folk are put off by any conversation about race. It’s like b/c they happen to have liberal views, then they can’t possibly be guilty of racism. Wrong–racism is an ignoble subtle mental disorder. Practitioners rarely understand their actions, remarks, as such!!

Why? Because the victimizer has a perception that what’s being done is somehow justified. What am I saying, people have justified their dump on Bron. He should have stayed, given notice, not quit, etc. Bottom line he was a FREE agent. He exercised his RIGHTS under the CBA. No laws were broken, yet he’s castigated. Why, because he’s a black athlete whom is from the subservient class in the US who is supposed to never have the power to exercise power to choose & follow his own mind.

When has a young brother turned a major corporation, business owner on it’s head? July 9, 2010. He’s not supposed to have that control, power etc. Read Oscar Robertson’s comments about free agency or lack thereof during his tenure i the NBA. Lebron is the result of a protracted struggle to gain the “right” to choose. Magic, Charles, MJ are disingenuous with their comments b/c the same portals weren’t open to them during their tenure.

Throwing caution to the wind, people that deem this young man as controversial, or stupid, or racist himself. I advise you to check yourself & your views. Be honest in your own frank admissions to yourself. Understand, that the victim of a crime can’t be guilty of that same crime. It’s an impossibility.

#23 was the victim of racist coverage, reporting, commentating & salvo across the board. America is under fire from extremists, (i.e. tea party) and now it has entered the sports world. Guess what it’s always been there. It’s just that the non-players never noticed b/c they weren’t on the front lines. Now, the world is given a lens to view the putrid smell of racists camouflaged as sports fans, commentators, pundits, GM’s, Owners etc.


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