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“I got money from agents when I was in college,” Barkley said. “A bunch of players that I know — most of the players I know — borrowed money from agents.”

“The colleges don’t give us anything. If they give you an extra pair of sneakers, they get in trouble. Why can’t an agent lend me some money and I pay him back when I graduate college?”

Charles should be congratulated for his candor for sure mzny other athletes of higher rapport have received as much if not more.
However, my question since I didn’t hear the interviewview is what is Charles’ intention.
Bush among other college athletes ahve enough bad press. Most are slamming him (Bush). Perhaps, rightfully so. Though, i’m from the belief these student-athletes should be paid for their play.
Pure & simple, they bring in millions of dollars in endorsements, winning percentages, & cult of personality. I know the University of Florida misses Tim Tebow.
When colleges cultivate the raw ability as well as, the unique skill set these young individuals posess when they arrive at the collegiate level is like a first year  employee.
After a year, these guys are ready for the rigors of professional football from a physical standpoint.
Meaning that someone performing the same tasks in the NFL is getting compensated. So, the collegiate athlete should as well.
When you consider the Board of Directors or the campus Presiden t the salaries they command with annual raises built off the backs of these young men sweating & toiling to bring a championship to their university.
It really pales in comparison. Those championships rarely amount to any cash boon for these players. It would only be right to compensate them commensurate with their involvement.
The day will come when these smaller schools & conferences can attract media & tv dollars.
College athletes should paid. They earn their keep 500%. They earn huge revenues & dividends. At least, provide them a large stipend for their retirement.
It’s time for schools to PAY IT FORWARD!!
  1. Does it ever occur to you that these kids who are getting into these colleges for their athletic achievements are getting FREE college education? Yes, free education which to some colleges is worth over $100,000, which includes free room & board, probably get textbooks paid for as well. For these college athletes to get paid on top of that would be a swift kick in the shin to 99.5% of HS graduates who would kill to get a free ride to any college so they won’t have worry about getting an insurmountable amount of debt after receiving that degree.

    It sickens me when the college football recruiting happens as the HS kids choose their college. As a college student who is pursuing to get an engineering degree, I certainly wish I had 10 Universities kissing my feet and my decision was as simple as putting on the hat of the college of my choice. I don’t sorry one bit for Reggie Bush as he could of been the biggest NFL bust and still would of been financially sound for the rest of his life.

    These Universities may be making money off of these college athletes, but they give these kids FREE education as well as the open opportunity to get them into the professional sports leagues. Its sick that you want a University to pay for a guy who runs with a ball, but the students going to the same university to study on how to cure cancer and other ailments get nothing but the reward of starting their post-college life deep in debt.

    I encourage you to think you thoughts through again as well as doing a grammatical check on your article as I have come across a numerous amounts of typos.

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