Thoughts about Lebron James’ Decision, Legacy…


Listen, LBJ is going in. In 7 years he has won 2 MVP’s, had the NBA’s best record the last 2 seasons, even gone to the NBA FINALS back in 2007. He’s achieved a lot individually; as an “ALPHA-MALE.” However, his ultimate goal hasn’t been. As far as his legacy, that is a fluid object. To suggest that his legacy has taken a hit, when he is arguably still in his prime is ludicrous.

Most, if not all of his legacy has been written by him. The media now have a viral firestorm which they can throw shots & ‘logs’ to incite a raging fire. LBJ is an ALPHA-DOG! Look at the ’08 Olympics for proof. He was the clear vocal leader in the huddle. Bryant & Wade led on the court by example. Though, everyone seemed to anoint Bryant, Wade & James as the De-Facto leaders of TEAM USA!

Now, b/c LBJ has chosen an unpopular career path, because he chose to align himself w/ another Alpha Male in Wade, somehow this guy isn’t a leader, he’s disgraced his image, blah blah blah. Nonsense! What hurt everyone was coming to grips w/ the fact: that we as fans have no ctrl what these athletes do w/ their profession.

We are at their mercy, so when he chose MIA that left a void in CLE, NJ, NY, CHI, LA etc. Guess what someone was going to lose anyway, it’s just that this was unforseen by the pundits, writers, fans etc. The NBA has been turned on it’s head, and true fans of the game love it. LBJ’s legacy is still being written. I for one don’t think he’s jeopardized it, rather enhanced it w/ an unexpected twist!!!
Guaranteed after he wins a ring, a lot of the naysayers will backtrack from their current stance! Winning breeds contempt, but it also changes & re writes legacies…….

  1. Quite true, he is an alpha male , but his desires and goals when he entered this league has yet to be fulfilled. And so he has decided to take a bold step, for him to accomplish his dream.

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