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Don’t Believe The HYPE……

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On the Lebron James “Decision.” {this chopped & screwed from other posts of mine tonight, so if it’s hard to follow..}

I’ve been curiously quiet on this shit for a hot minute  now. Didn’t want to get caught up in ALL the hype, or emotion of the media over saturation. The coverage took up more time than the Haitian earthquake, to just put this shit in perspective.

On the real, there are subversive forces constantly at work. Some folk just tearing another individual down. We see it all the time. So, this ain’t original.

Especially, coming when you consider the source of all the diatribes. On each side of the spectrum. Both black & white are complicit in their ignorance & vices…

Are you building or destroying. Or, are you confused to the choices you have as a conscious  human being gifted with the ability & capability of …


{people take it for granted constantly. Do you tell your heart to beat, or your lungs to inflate, or yur chest cavity to expand & contract?}


yet it happens anyway. And some have the audacity to question the existence of a DEITY, CREATOR…. You are the living true witness!!….

Think about that….

Blessed with the capacity to reason.

To use our cognition, & critical thinking skills is to lay claim to what we are at our essence: divine, majestic, regal, royal creations in the image & likeness of luminous, omnniscient beings……

Where the hell does a decision by another grown ass man come into my circumference. I give no power to anything outside of myself.

You know what I mean.

I suggest folk stay “IN THE NOW” it’s hard enough as it is. SO, one can easily fool themselves into the illusion of this matrix & false education established as reality (FEAR).

People are like sheep most just repeat what they hear on the telly. Where are the thinkers at? Who has something genuine to say? Who has another point to raise?

Who has something new to present to the masses? New insight anyone? That’s the only reason I write like this….At 3 in the morning no less.t

{MDH}, {Responding to a reporters column.}

Let me just spit this thought…..Don’t Believe the Hype….
Finally, a reporter w/ the temerity to speak up; & truth 2 power. LBJ made a BIZNESS decision pure & simple. I feel for the city he left. But we talking about a GAME, not REALITY, but a GAME..

People better wake up.. And stop going  for the oakey-doke!!

It is what it is….!!

People holding this man responsible like he cut their lights off, or shut the water off, foreclosed on their homes.

I mean for though, i enjoy the game of b-ball as much as anyone. However, at the end of the day these cats don’t put, nor take naah quarter in my pocket.

To suggest otherwise, is to surrender my divinity to a mere mortal, while I know i’m immortal. Naah, I’m in this real GAME called

E. T.E.R.N. I. T.Y. {MDH}