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There is a lot hype surrounding the impending free agency in the NBA. Rumors have abounded constantly throughout leading blogs, newspapers, & sports commentary. The potential signings of superstars Dwyane Wade, Lebron James is legendary!

Cotdayum!!  The teaming up of Chris Bosh, Lebron James & Dwyane Wad3 all on the same squad would be EPOCH!

However, what seems to escape the headlines derby & has to be factoring heavily in top-tier free agents plans & strategy, is WINNING! That’s the only reason why Chicago entered the conversation. Supposedly, Chicago had an inside track on James & Bosh. With reports stating “it’s a done deal” That’s laughable at best because the players themselves don’t know what their going to do.

Chicago’s history with 6 Rings with Jackson, Jordan & Pippen are what make the Bulls legendary, however true sports historians which every great player has read the book. Jerry Krausew & jerry reinsdorf broke up a dynasty. Some other factor, other than winning entered the equation.

jackson wasn’t given a contract exstension, Jordan refuses to play for any other coach, and 6 rings would be the limit for that team that seemed to beat everyone when it mattered. If you’re a free agent & you know the history, why in hte hell would you sign there?Superstar athletes whom want to be billionaires sports moguls are most certainly thinking about this.

If they broke up Mike & Phil, how can Derrick & Lebron compete?

Common perception was that Bosh would simply follow James wherever he went. Though, Bosh seems much more saavy & well intentioned to  handle the most auspicious time in his career frivolously With that said, he simply stated theobvious last week on ESPN’s FIRST TAKE. When he said; ” there’s no way for him to think a team would pursue him before pursuing Lebron James first & foremost!’

Then the blogs went wild saying ‘Bron was going to Chicago etc. On the other hand, Bosh is taking the right approach to all this. He has prepared himself for the best possible situation. Despite his recent comments expressing concern about being a 3rd option.

Bosh’s logic as related to Lebron’s rank in the free agent market is head-on! Everyone in the basketball world is thinking LBJ 1st then other marquee names 2nd. He is the mother lode in free agency! No wonder people are hawking information & ‘sources’ that can’t confirm anything but report on everything no matter how irrelevant.
There are too many stories for anyone to gain any traction. The players themselves don’t even know what will transpire, yet alone pundits, bloggers, commentators, & GM’s.

Now, the fact remains that something is bound to happen! Something is bound to happen in the extraordinary! There are over 150 Free Agents, and that’s about 1/3 of the NBA. So, there will be a frenetic pace from July 1-8. We are all witnesses!!

It’s on and Crackin’ July 1!! Although all agreements are non-binding. On July 8, binding contracts can be signed.

Can’t wait to see these ……….



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