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The NBA Finals have not disappointed. They have been filled with historical performances, Ray Allen in Game 2 w/ 8 treys! Rondo recording a triple double etc. It’s been a closely contested series.

The Lakers lost & regained home court advantage after losing game 2 at home & then winning game 3 on the road. No team has won back-to-back games in this series. It has alternated back and forth after each game. If this trend continues then L.A. wins in 7.

Though, it’s hard to go against the Black Mamba. He hasn’t exactly looked comfortable out there in any games. He needs a plethora of shots to escalate his scoring average.

No matter how yuo slice it. The NBA Finals is must see tv.

Stay Tuned, we are in for a wild ride. With role players stepping up big on both teams: from the ticket stub in Glen Davis, to Nate Robinson stepping up big in game 4 as well.

The Laker’s bench hasn’t been quite as effective. Farmar, Odom & Walton have struggled, but they have ample time to turn it around.

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