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Neglecting your own culture & adopting the culture of the other…..

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So I’m reflecting on my youthful days of Afrocentricity, and wondering why today’s collegian & student of truth is so lost into all these pagan European holidays?

Have you read African people & European Holidays: A Mental Genocide? If not, then you’re behind the cue ball (not 8 ball). Furthermore, you may not realize the fact that holidays among other festive events are indicative of your cultural norms. They serve to inculcate a people’s tradition’s perpetually to the next generation.

So, what do we perpetuate by lying to our children about gifts bought with our hard earned money? We foster deception, inferiority, & mental slavery. Why would an individual lie to their own flesh? For the sake of a celebration? Or, to uphold some myth?

In the Old testament it speaks about ‘those who would cut down a tree & decorate it with silver & gold, that they do as the pagans (unlawful) do.’

Every holiday in West has a dark side that the masses knows nothing about, yet we still celebrate blindly. Who was Easter? Was she a woman that painted her body with colors & had orgies in the forest? Who was St. Valentine? Was he a wretched man whom cut the heart out & then mailed it to his “love?”

Which Independence day do you celebrate? Is there more than one here in America? (See my older post, What is Juneteenth?)

Is Columbus Day really the day of the discovery of this country? What is thanksgiving? Does it mark the harvest & the sharing between two cultures? Hell no! (see my older post on National Day of Mourning).

So, why do black people in America worship, celebrate & spend excessively on these commercial holidays? what are our holy days? Your day of birth is the 1st one!!

Does it even matter, since we are all “American” anyways?

It’s past time to celebrate our own cultural relevant holy days. It’s past time to reject the cultural machinations of the oppressor. Now, how many of ya’ll out there celebrate Kwanzaa? Why or Why not?

You may not see the importance now, because you suffer from a paralysis of analysis. But, when you have children, I hope that you reflect forward on your own culture, tradition & holidays……

Let’s reject the notion of neglecting our own culture & adoption of other’s culture…….Who ready to flip da script????