Uncivil War….


Martin Luther King said; “We need to learn to be agreeably disagreeable; without being violently disagreeable!”

Never before according to documented reports has a sitting President had to endure the scorn & malicious display that was evident last week during Obama’s health care reform speech.

Never mind your personal politics or what side of the issue you stand upon. Americans are free to criticize their leaders, its one of out most basic freedoms that is a bedrock of American society. So, its not so much what (R) Congressman Joe Wilson from South Carolina said, rather the forum in which he said it in.

The halls of Congress are ‘sacred’ for lack of a better time, and their is a unspoken decorum expected from leaders from either side of the aisle. So the un-civil disobedience displayed by Wilson shouldn’t come as a surprise. However, once again the time & place was not appropriate.

President Obama was visibly disturbed by the tirade, but chose the moral high ground by not stooping to Wilson’s putrid malicious disrespectful level. President Obama showed restraint in the face of the most harshest disrespect.

Wilson has since apologized, though it rings hollow considering the source. Consider the following 3 facts about “Good Ole Joe!”

  1. Wilson is from the state that rejected the recognition of MLK’s birthday as a National holiday.
  2. He denounced the mixed race daughter of Senator Strom Thurmond when she came forth to ‘set the record straight!’
  3. He’s a known proponent of the confederate flag hanging in the state house in South Carolina. His argument is that this flag is emblematic of his ancestors “heritage!”

Now given his past, what context does his outburst signify? What does it mean when conservatives hold up his statements like Moses speaking to Pharoah? How come their isn’t a groundswell of mitigated remorse from his colleagues? I’ll tell you why because most agree with him, and don’t see a problem with his idiotic outburst.

The conservatives are hastening a ‘race riot‘ with their grotesque display of inflammatory rhetoric. Instigating & fomenting animosity between people, families, communities, states & the illusory metric called ‘race.’

We haven’t seen a reaction from the people that have been castigated by these ongoing remarks,  & actions since the primaries last year. When they respond, and they will—there will be an UNCIVIL WAR.

Conservatives are the catalyst behind this impending conflict. The same seeds of racial disharmony, discord & disrespect will come back to haunt them. For, when you sow the seeds of contempt, hatred & violence then you will sow the very same in return.

An eye for an eye leaves us all blind!” and ‘physical violence is a waste of flesh.’

This kind of politics is a murky blend of fascism, imperialism & hegemony! As they are the pillars of American society they are struggling for legitimacy in the face of a changing multi-national global community.

What role will you the reader execute in seeing justice prevail in the face of domination & indecency? The sleeping GIANT will not slumber for long, and when he awakens I feel for the perpetrators of moral ineptitude, closet racists who hid behind placards in Congress, and all those who stand behind the confederate flag as some sort off beacon of heritage from America’s bloody past in the dirty south….

When a fire burns, it doesn’t just burn in place it devours everything in its path! So, its disingenuous for conservatives to think that fanning the flames won’t consume them part & parcel.

They better get fireproof ‘drawls’ because the ‘fires in my eyes and those flames need fanning!’

How about that?

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