Supporting Serena in the face of Opposition


Serena Williams lost the US Open despite the fact she is/was the reigning champion. Yet, one would think that she threatened the life of an official with her racket. In fact, some have said as much.

On the other hand, some have said that had it been Melanie Ouidin, or a male player the backlash would hardly be above a whisper. So, are we to glean that tennis has the same issues about race as the larger society? YES!

Tennis is one of those sports like golf, equestrian, cricket, or croquet are seen as the refined sporting events. So, for Ms. Williams who defies all ‘traditionalism’ just by her mere dominant presence, should be suspended or forced to pay an inordinate amount of money.

Isn’t it ironic how her image now is tainted from one misstep. One commentator called her actions typical as if she’s ever been anything but a class act both on & off the court. The impatience with her is at a fevered pitch.

Seriously, if she were living in Salem back in the day, I’m sure she’d be burned at the stake. Now, the stake is the 24 hour news cycle. She apologized but it was seen as being dubious. She didn’t do it soon enough, why did she wait 36 hours before doing it?

Why did she make a statement about the incident without being noticeably contrite? Why did she try to justify her actions by explaining her side of the incident?

The Williams sisters were never good enough to be tennis players, they never played in junior tournaments that is the holy grail of tennis legends. They would never be successful with there father as heir coach. There style was unorthodox and would never pass for true tennis.

These are just a few of the insidious rantings of an establishment whose time has worn out its relevance. People need to note the enduring challenges these sisters face to this day, and the not so distant past. Why? It might provide some context as to why she exploded. Recall, a few years ago when there was no instant replay or ‘player challenges.

Serena was cheated out of a point, and subsequently a major tournament. History would vindicate her because the play wa replayed after the tournament, and she was unjustly cheated. Since that time players, (male & female) have been given 2 challenges per match.

This rule should be called the Williams Rule, it didn’t exist prior to Serena! She’s done more for the game than any other player, yet she’s rebuked like some type of devil. How in the hell do you justify her treatment? Does she have no right express her obvious discontent with an asinine call at a pivotal point (no pun intended) of a match?

Despite, what critics say, Serena is never out of a match, she probably has the toughest mental makeup of all the women’s players. She has ice in her veins! So, it is quite plausible that Serena could have came back. That is why they play the match after all to its irrefutable conclusion.

To end a match on a controversial call, that is never called at that point in a match is incredulous. Moreover, the call was wrong, she clearly had both feet behind the line when starting her ball toss to serve. She clearly stepped over the line as she served. So, in my eyes her indignation is justified!

Who is a non-athletic official to inject her two cents into a match that had enough drama? Why have we not heard from her in regards to the call she made or botched?

I’ll tell you why because we are being distracted by her indecency & distasteful display of sportsmanship. Give me a damn break! John Mcenroe is elevated due to his profane rants. He’s received endorsements for having a ‘personality’ in a game where bland robots are the norm.

What’s the reason for the double standard? One is male, and the other female, so it sexism! One is African American, and one Caucasian, so its obviously rooted in racism! Let’s keep it real! Once more, for Johnny Mac, (commentator for Tennis) to castigate her knowing his vitriolic past is utterly contemptible & smacks of hypocrisy!!!

Serena is the greatest tennis player on the tour, at present. Her sister Venus is arguably the next best player on tour. Where is her due process? Where is her defense?

Right here my beautiful sister, I got your back!!! I support Serena in the face of stark opposition.


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