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Size Does Matter, Peterson’s Projection Map offers solutions….

In THE PEOPLE'S NEWS on September 24, 2009 at UTC.18.30.

Few people know that the current cartography that the world enjoys is rooted in environmental & geo-political racism. White supremacists have infiltrated every strata of society, and every discipline. When “Greenland” is depicted as the same size as the continent of Africa, then its obvious what the intent is.

Which is, to maximize European & Western powers geographical land mass. (read: there geo-strategic interests.) While simultaneously making  the majority of the world’s population appear smaller  in relation to the mighty West! The fallacy is rooted in power.

Note: The world is comprised of 9/10ths of people of color. The remaining 1/10th are European. Clearly, the world ‘minority’ they buttress that fact with doing whatever possible to perpetuate power. Size does matter!!!

For example,  perception is twisted with archaic & false representations of land mass. Moreover, supposed might is embellished due to sinister & ignoble regimes whom seek nothing less than world domination.

Rest assured, that Imperialists have & will continue with every resource at their disposal to conquer the hearts and minds of the world’s citizens by intentionally misleading even the very elect!!

It is this reason I write to expound on the issues of race and then offer solutions & alternatives rooted in facts and truth!

“The “Peterson Projection Map” is a projection of the physical traits of Earth’s continents that is not altered by the spherical distortion of a globe. Most maps in text books and classrooms are Globe projections which are laid flat and “forced” into a rectangular format (shape).

The result of this process is that the image of the continents in the northern and southern hemispheres are elongated by the stretching effect of forcing a spherical projection into a rectangular image. Meanwhile, the continents that brace the equator are “squished”, for lack of a better term, into a projection that falsifies the true size of a particular land mass.

Examples of the sphere-to-rectangle transition include Greenland appearing as large as Africa, Europe and North America seem larger then India, while Australia stretches into the distance. In reality, North America & China are almost identical in size, Europe is more like a sub-continent of Asia and Africa & India dwarf nearly all other continents in size.

The common argument for the creation and use of the “Peterson” map is that it would help school children throughout the world to understand the true nature and size of our world and it’s continents. Also that the enlarged and elongated images only helps to symbolically enforce a Geo-Political sense of supremacy, as it wrongly shows the nations of Western Civilization to be larger than they actually are as well as to always produce them in the middle of the distorted map.”
This excerpt is from auithor:-J. Gordon, Missoula, MT.