Artest: Deal Maker or Deal Breaker???

In HOT BUTTON TOPIC, MUSIC, SPORTS on July 19, 2009 at UTC.19.31.

NBA baller Ron Artest was recently acquired by the champion L.A. Lakers. He was acquired from the Houston Rockets during free agency. Artest was set to  join his former AAU buddy Lamar Odom also a free agent with the Lakers.

Ironically, the Artest acquisition may have priced Odom out.  Artest only signed for the Mid Levele Exception around $5.85 million, but for the over the cap & luxury tax Lakers–that may prevent them from giving Odom the $$ and years he wants.

So, Artest reportedly has reached out to his fellow NYC native to try & expedite his signing.  Although, Odom has attracted serious interest from the Miami Heat who have made an $35 million offer to him for 5 years.

So, in the past few days everyone on the Lakers from Artest, to Bryant & Fischer have made pitches to Odom to re-up with his NBA Finals winning club.

Even though the Lakers can offer him more money they have only offered him a 3 year deal worth $27 million & a 4 year deal worth $36 million. Odom, wants a 5 year deal. So the Heat has his attention with their 5 year deal on the table.Artest Ballin' for his Queensbridge team in NYC!

Though, reports out of LA is that owner Dr. Jerry Buss has rescinded the offer.

Due to the 10.3 state tax, the Heats offer (no state tax) is closer than most even realize. Only time will tell if Odom is seriously considering leaving the World Champs.

Reports from suggest that Odom is close to taking the deal from the Heat!

Pictured above, Ron Artest (#5 in gold) of the Lakers plays for his team “Queensbridge” against “Hoopstreet” at the Hoops In The Sun tournament (HITS) at Orchard Beach Park in the Bronx.

If the Heat sign Odom, then Artest’s signing was the deal breaker that sends his hometown boy out of L.A. Unless, Artest the negotiator can help make a deal with the team & Odom.


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