Separating the wheat from the chaffe?


Recently a (R) Congressman said that we shouldn’t cover Michael Jackson because he was a pedophile, and child molester. Mind you Michael was found innocent by a jury of his peers. So why do some people still defile his name?

Could it be of his oft-cited shopping escapades in costume? Could it be his ultra secret desire to protect his children from the public? Or, maybe something more sinister, perhaps his racial background.

Whatever the reason behind the frequent castigation of Michael one thing is crystal clear, even in death he is hot topic! How else do you explain the insatiable coverage by the 24 hour news cycle with all things Michael Jackson?

IN the words of Al Sharpton, at his memorial service, he said it best; “Wasn’t nothing strange about your daddy, it was STRANGE what your daddy had to deal with!”

  1. I can’t imagine the pain and hurt Michael went through during his lifetime. He can now finally find the peace he so deserved when he was alive. All of the lies told about him and what is so devasting is so many people believed them. He was found innocent—he is not a child molester, when are people going to get that through their heads. When I discuss MJ with people, they still say he is a child molester. No matter how much I defend him, they have it in their thick skulls that he was. It’s so sad!!!!
    I can see why he had insomnia. I wouldn’t be able to sleep either if people were saying all of those cruel, hurtful, lies about me.
    I agree with what Al Sharpton said. I pray his children have thick skin, as I’m pretty sure, when they get older they will hear all kinds of bad things about their daddy. I pray they have the strength and courage to ignore all those vicious lies.
    All of us who truly loved MJ and saw him for the wonderful, kind, loving, forgiving person he truly was, still need to be his voice and get the truth out there.

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