Racial Disparities widen with income

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Despite being highly educated if you are a minority you won’t command the $ you’re due from your employer. Why?? Seemingly, because of the color of your skin. What other conclusion can one draw from the recent reports from the Census about pay grades between ethnic groups. Look at these facts:

“Blacks and Hispanics are lagging behind whites at the largest rates in roughly a decade when it comes to higher-paying jobs in the U.S.”

So, its safe to say “minorities” lost more than homes, right-to privacy, credit ratings, and civil liberties under the Bush administration.

“Census data released Monday highlight an increasingly educated U.S. work force whose earnings did not always seem to match up with its potential, partly due to a housing slowdown and recession.”

Or, more probably the economic hoarding of assets by the ruling elite is just an extension for what really goes on within the U.S. The facts speak for themselves, and ‘he who feels it knows!’

“About 87 percent of residents last year had graduated from high school and 29 percent from college.”

“But the pay disparity widened for blacks with college degrees. Blacks who had a bachelor’s degree earned about 78 cents for every $1 made by whites. It was the biggest disparity since 2001.”

“Hispanics with bachelor’s degrees made roughly 75 cents for every $1 made by whites.”

So, the moral of the story suggests that ‘minorities’ need advanced degrees just to keep economic pace with their white counterparts whom command a pay commensurate with their education with a Bachelor’s degree. Indeed, this has been a practice and de facto policy for as long as I can recall.

However, with the 24 hour news cycle and the infinite spread of information via the internet, perhaps the slow wheels of change can be obliterated and this discriminatory practice abolished.


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