IN Memory: ..Wonder what Michael Jackson will be in his next Life?


I went to see Michael Jackson in concert twice when he came to Florida back in the mid 80’s. My grandmother took me to Jacksonville, Fl and then to Miami a week later. I even had the opportunity to appear on camera to speak about my love for Michael on the local news station.

I wonder what he will be in his next life? He’ll probably be a butterfly that transmigrates his soul 3 times  first as a cocoon, then a caterpillar, then a majestic black & gold monarch.

Michael had that affect on me and most of my friends. His ability to captivate a crowd with funky fresh moves, as his music grooved in background made for quite a spectacle.

I wonder what he’ll be in his next life? Maybe, he will be a King that restores his peoples majesty & place in the world as the  mothers & fathers of civilization!

No lie a brother wanted to be like Mike, and quiet as kept the reason why I loved to dance was, in part due to the inspiration I derived from him as a youngin’. He always exhibited that desire to go hard, and leave the audience with no doubt who they came & wanted to see.

I wonder what he’ll be in his next life? Perhaps, a singer who sings songs of upliftment, akoma (love), peace, & unity!

If you’ve ever performed anything then you know that emotional charge & surge of energy you feel before, during & after the performance. Michael was a master performer. You never left his concert feeling like you didn’t get your monies worth. He left it all on stage. That’s what I respected most about him.

I wonder what he will be in his next life, probably a dancer who invokes the African proverb: “Afrikans dance & become GOD!

Since, he endured so much critical acclaim in this life about his life, music, appearance etc. I wonder what he will be in his next life? I think he’ll be a wizard in charge of protecting that world from ignoble imperial forces opposed to harmony, righteousness & peace!

I wonder what he’ll be in his next life? Controversial, magnetic, misunderstood, graceful, beautiful, soulful, righteous, electric, and the world’s greatest entertainer.

Michael, you left a lot of endearing fans here on Earth. Wherever you are take our prayers to the feet of the Creator. What we’ve collectively wished for you in your untimely demise, we wish for our selves collectively as humanity.

I wonder what he’ll be in his next life?  NUBIAN ROYALTY!

Remember, Always Remember the most beneficient good in people and humanity collectively! Let that divine boundless energy rise above all other discordant energy. Let the ethos of man raise its vibration to greater heights NOW!

Hmm, I wonder what Michael Jackson will be in his next life? Whatever he is I hope he has eternal peace, prosperity & health! A mighty tree has fallen—we salute your life & memory my brother.

  • MAY your crossing be blessed & protected. May the ancestors guide your soul to supreme mercy—
  • May your mid rest assured now in comfort because no one here can hurt your heart any longer—
  • MIKE JAXMay your memory serve the collective good benevolent vibration across the four corners of the world!
  • I wonder what he’ll be in his next life? REMEMBERED!…..

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