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B-Easy or the Boozer?


Michael BeasleyRumors abound about where Boozer will land this off season. Though, he has agreed to a trade from the Utah Jazz his current team there is no tangible idea just where that is. Miami is his preferred destination, but the Jazz want more than the Heat (read: B-Easy) are prepared to give up. I agree with that, Beasley is in his 2nd season, and its too soon to know what he brings to the table this early in his career.

Some say he will be even better than Boozer, a 20 ppg & 10 rpg player. On one hand, the Heat need to upgrade their roster. However, at what cost? I think they need to develop the young talent they have on their squad: Chalmers, Beasley, Cook, Wright, and Beverly. At the same time, if they can improve exponentially without sacrificing their young core then MAKE MOVES. If only it were that easy.

As a fan its hard to be patient with all the improvements to Eastern Conference rivals like the Magic, Wizards, Cavaliers, Raptors & the Celtics. Wad3 needs help, but he’s shown us that he’s the type of player that can do more with less. So, an all-star upgrade would probably put them into into serious contention. Although, some might disagree the proof is in the 2006 NBA Finals in which the Heat won the crown with an inferior team, according to pundits & analysts.

So, smart money says if Wad3 gets another star to play alongside they can go all the way!! Below is an article about the Heat’s pending acquisition. Let’s hope that the lobbying of D. Wad3 & Boozer has an cyclical affect to land the all-star PF, and USA Olympic gold medalists.

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Beasley or Boozer?

“For Miami HEAT fans waking up every morning hoping to see the headline “Boozer to Miami it may be time to stop getting your hopes up. Yes, the HEAT are the most logical destination for the All-Star forward but the Utah Jazz are not desperate to trade him. They’re going to wait for the best deal possible and according to {’s David Aldridge} they have no problems going into the regular season with him as their starting power forward.

Aldridge indicates that in order for a deal to be completed immediately the HEAT are going to have to let go of Michael Beasley, the player with the most promise on their roster. It’s a tough predicament for the HEAT because while Beasley does have all the potential in the world it’s questionable as to whether or not he’ll develop like they hope. Boozer on the other hand is already one of the best power forwards in the league and his acquisition provides Dwayne Wade with the superstar teammate that he covets. It could be the difference in signing him to an extension now or taking the risk of losing him in next summer.

The last time an organization was in this kind of position was when Kobe Bryant was advocating a trade of Andrew Bynum in order to bring Jason Kidd in to run the triangle. At the time Kobe was so upset by the Lakers decision to hold onto Bynum that he demanded to be traded. The Lakers didn’t budge on that demand either and now here they are as the reigning champions with Bynum as a vital part of their run and future.

Would the Miami HEAT see the same kind of results if they held onto Beasley? Can he be a better player for them than Carlos Boozer?

Carlos Boozer

Those are the million dollar questions right now in South Beach. The difference in the two situations though is at the time Kobe didn’t have anywhere near the kind of leverage that Dwayne Wade has. At the time Kobe was under contract and while he wanted to play on Pluto his only option was to play for the Lakers. If the HEAT pass on Boozer and Beasley doesn’t show significant signs of improvement Wade can leave town at season’s end while they get nothing in return, likely leading the franchise to a rebuilding period. This is why Wade hasn’t taken the extreme stance that Bryant did then. It isn’t worth the negative feedback that it would come with and he has the ability to go wherever he wants in just a few months.

The best decision for the HEAT may be to be patient just like the Jazz. They need to keep a close eye on Boozer just as they need to do with Amar’e Stoudemire and Chris Bosh. The only way Boozer becomes their savior is if they pull the trigger and give up Beasley. Right now they have options and while Dwayne Wade going into the free agent market unrestricted is a scary thought, no one can offer him more money and they can still bring in another All-Star as well.

It doesn’t appear that either team is going to do much other than stay on their current path until they have a legitimate reason to stray away from it. It’s in the best interest of both franchises to let things play out a little bit more and see where things are at closer to February.”