Just thinking…

In AWARENESS OF SELF, WORD SOUND & POWER on January 12, 2009 at UTC.54.31.

My soul bleeds from searching for the reason to explain it’s existence.

 So it looks for meaning amongst the interests this body finds.

Timeless moments captured in movies, ideas or memories can always instruct the attentive watcher. 

 Like songs that capture the imagination or record that special instance.

Like a writer that pours out his soul on paper or online for all to read.

I’m in a trance, auto-writing this because my mind is preoccupied with thoughts of who, what, & where I am.

NOT, my physical frame, rather my soul & spirit that inanimate & involuntary aspect of myself.

It’s like trying to extract the last drop of water out of a desert oasis, though it appears as a mirage.

The power in which I attribute to it verifies the actuality of it.

Is that a dream or is this a fantasy? A wise man told me; ” The Dream is REAL, but called a FANTASY when unrealized!”

 I feel as though I’ve been reconnected to a fundamental truth.

 I only live for these fleeting moments that touch me so deep that my body drowns in resentment for its inability to stay more connected.

I yearn to stay present in the moment lnger.

 I yearn to not forget myself or my hidden power soeasily.

 I want not to be reminded how current I really am.

 I desire that this feeling of supreme contentment would never leave.

I wish I knew the trigger (ME) that causes & sustains my rememberance.

I’m just thinking…..

  1. this particular peice is a philisophical journey in poetry… the who what and why and how come without the questions, yet it seems to question so much?… i love it

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