D-Wade is having the best season of his career statistically speaking. Flash is on FYAH! By the numbers you already know He’s leading the league in scoring with a 29.1 points per game clip. In addition, he’s averaging 5.2 rebounds per game, and dishing out 7.3 dimes a game.

He’s fourth in steals, and is having a career best on the defensive side with his best number in the “block party” category. At one time in the top five in blocks. For a guard–thats just SICK!!

The one negative is that he’s also been leading the lead in turnovers—chalk this up to his being the only true playmaker on a squad that started 2 rookies for much of the season. Beasley now comes off the pine as 6th man.

If you don’t know by now, then you’d better ask somebody. Wade has been on a tear since the summer domination of China, Argentina & Spain. Forget what you heard, he was the best player in uniform for the USA. Flash didn’t start, but still managed to lead TEAM USA in scoring. He averaged over 16 per, and led the team with 27 in the championship game against Spain. Not sure they win the GOLD without Wad3!!! (look at the film)….

How do you explain the Heat being tied for 4th place in the Eastern conference 12/12/08 going into Friday nights game with divisional foe Atlanta Hawks? Moreover, they were tied for 2nd with those same Hawks in the Southeastern division with the Magic leading the pack.

I’ll tell you how you ‘splain it—MVP caliber player, season, baller having a coming out party. Silencing the haters, critics, pundits & fake **** analysts! He’s said it him self that his season is MVP caliber. Although, he realizes that until the Heat strings together more wins in the W/L column he won’t be in contention for the league honor.

Even still, he’s got the people’s vote. He’s basically doing it alone. Not to knock UD, whose had a great season! Beasley has struggled on the defensive side, and Matrix has been spotty on offense, but a terror on the glass–an defensive end. Still, Wade is the heart & soul of a team that is outmatched with size almost every night. Couple that with a rookie coach—-and you see how valuable FLASH is to the HEAT & the NBA….

To what do we owe this meteoric resurgence? He’s playing with an edge, a chip on his shoulder. After being dogged the last two seasons with injuries, and ‘chicken little’ like criticism-dude said enough is enough! Funny how fast the pendulum swings to haters & doubters. In 2005, he was arguably the best in the leagu. Scoring at will, dishing alley-hoops to Shaq, coming off two Eastern conference finals appearances and on his way to another one.

That same year they finally surpassed the Pistons in the East, and went on to steal the heart from Nowitzki & the Mavericks along with the nBA title. To his credit, Wade won MVP honors for the finals. He had the most ‘Jordanesque” finals of any player since Jordan hung em up for good.

As a matter of fact, he had better overall numbers (averaging) than any  Jordan finals appearance. Wade was as dominant as Miami was WHITE HOT! You already know what it is..

Funny how times change, and this is the main reason Flash is on a tear throughout the NBA this season. If he gets help, from another breakdown penetrator & playmaker, along with a quality big man that defend & rebound–no one will want to see the Heat in April. NO ONE!!

Wade has won player of the week honors twice already this season. His latest, for the week of December 1-7. Where he fired of games of 37, 23 (hmm) & 38! He blazed Golden State, Utah, & OKC.

His overall game has improved, he’s improved his mid-range jumper, his 3 point range, and his defense! He’s even more of a vocal  leader on & off the floor with his team. Wade has been & will continue to be dominant over the course of the season!

Final word, only Oscar Robertson & Michael Jordan have averaged the numbers Wade has posted this season. MJ did it once & the BIG O did it six times. How is that for perspective on this kids season thus far? Yea kid, he’s only 26—not even in his prime yet, with an NBA title under his belt!!!


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