Esoteric Astrology

In CULTURE on January 2, 2009 at UTC.31.31.

Astrology is the study of the stars.  So, solar astrology is the study Sun & stars and there relation to each other. From times of old people have been mesmerized by the movement of the stars. Although, there are some facts that need  “spelling” out so that we can make sense of what is being celebrated.

Each year on January 1 everyone like to say happy new year. According to the gregorian calendar it is a new year. Although, what is new about this time of the year? All of the natural world has slowed down, and most plants, trees etc. are in a state of decay.

Can a new year be born out of death, frigidity & void? Or is the new year really in spring when all of nature renews, replenishes & reinvigorates itself with new life?

So, how did this time come to be celebrated as such, especially when the opposite seems to be true. What is the underlying meaning of this auspicious time of the year?

However, a little research in Pope Gregory and his idea of the Roman influence of time would be well worth while. The time we observe today, and the manner in which we derive our months etc. are from the Romans.

Consider, Julius & Augustus Ceasar were both given 31 days in there respective months of July & August. Despite the fact, that every other month has an alternate number of 30 & 31 days. The month of February not included.

During the Winter solstice which begins December 21 the earth is at its southern most point in relation to the sun. At this time of the year the sun is at most distant point, hence the cold climate. This is the longest night of the year, and subsequently the shortest day of the year.

From December 21 to December 24, the length of days is approximately the same. Then, on the 25th of December the SUN is symbolically born as sunlight increases one minute per day up until the Spring equinox. Each successive day is a ‘new sun’ as more light is furnished with the sun’s growing strength. The sun is said to regenerate or resurrect itself.

Is this the reason for the observance of 12/25 as the birth of the anointed one called “the Christ?”

When Christ 2,000 years ago he was born in the astrological sign of the fish or Pisces. This is why he was said to be a fisher of men. Moreover, the early symbol of the followers of Christ was the fish.

Today our universe is in the ‘age of Aquarius.” What does this mean?

  1. wow Great post topic and I must make the wishes for your blog!! where do you find the inspiration?

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