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Ethnic Diversity in White House Cabinet

In CULTURE on December 17, 2008 at UTC.15.31.

When Obama said if elected he’d have the most ethnically diverse White House ever few had any idea just how true that statement was. To date he’s only named about 40% of staff, though more appointments are coming in the days & weeks to come.
With Latin American s being the largest ‘minority’ in the American electorate many from that community want to see them adequately represented to top positions. So far, only Governor Bill Richardson (D) from New Mexico has been named to¬† to a top post. He’s been selected for the Secretary of Commerce. However, many in the Latino community thought he’d be the Secretary of State giving his foreign policy credentials, and coupled with the fact that he was interviewed for the job.

However, I think its clear to everyone that his former primary opponent Senator Hillary R. Clinton has been chosen to fill that critical role as Secretary of State. As the nation’s leading diplomat & foreign service head she will be expected to restore America’s image abroad, as well as try to bring peace to the middle east amid two wars.

Eric Holder is the selection for the United States Attorney General. As the nation’s leading law official Holder will be expected to bring justice & fairness to America’s image in relation to Guantanamo Bay‘s prisoners amid concerns over torture. Moreover, as most inmates in the prison industrial complex are disproportionately African American males & females, Holder will likely help with the miscarriages of justice pervasive within that community.

Susan Rice, the foreign policy adviser in Obama’s candidacy campaign has been tabbed for the United Nations Ambassador to the U.S. Her experience is prolific within foreign service circles. Equally adept as to the state of affairs globally, as she is engaging in dialogue with confidante first lady Michelle Obama. Rice hired Michelle for a position at the University of Illinois and the two quickly became close friends.

All in all, to date Presidential elect Barack Obama has kept his word in fulfilling his promise to have a diversified cabinet. One he has promised will be the most diverse yet! For Americans that should be the first sign that change has come to Washington, as billed and as advertised over the long campaign!