Why do black men contract prostate cancer? Is it in our food?


Black men have undergone the most heinous of biological studies in this country with the ‘Tuskeegee Experiment’ from 1942-1972 which saw the inoculation of the sexually transmitted disease ‘syphillis.’

Moreover, this phenomenon has happened abroad in the Republic of South Africa where the scientist Dr. Wouter Basson inoculated blacks with toxins & diseases that was tantamount to biological warfare & genocide. Consider, that through South Africa’s Truth & Reconciliation Commission it was learned of the full extent of the malignant maladies he heaped amongst innocent citizens, whose only “crime” was the complexion of their skin.

Following five years of investigation, Dr. Basson was indicted in 1999 with 67 counts of murder & attempted murder, including charges in the untimely deaths of 200 detainees in, now Namibia formerly Southwest Africa, as well as drug & fraud charges. Details to this investigation can be found in Chandre Gould & Peter Folb’s work for the Centre for Conflict Resolution in Cape Town.

This one reason why many Blacks in general, and black men in particular are distrusting of the American medical establishment.

However, this information is not offered to cast aspersion on the latest findings relative to carcinogens found in food stuffs that leads to prostate cancer. Though, it is offered in a context so the reader can get an objective view to the perceptions in non mainstream communities at home & abroad.

As I suggested in another article, this is more like a public service announcement. However, because of the severity & nature of the story I felt the need to repost it in its entirety. Sometimes you have to let your conscience be your guide—and when it comes to health & quality of life everyone deserves to at least be warned. So, that way we the consumer can make an informed decision.

Moreover, health related issues impact all communities, although the proportion is much higher for people of color. With this in mind, if any segment of the American population can be positively impacted with knowledge acquired, then applied which is power—-then my job will be complete. My only intent is to spread information—and let the mantra of “each one, teach one, so that we can save one” resound & resonate with humanity altruistically…

Below is an article that draws analysis from a clinical study that shows links of what causes Black men to be impacted twice as high as other men with the contraction of prostate cancer. At the end of the article I list the source where I found the article.

“African-American men die from prostate cancer (PC) nearly twice as often as white US men and consume about twice as much of the predominant US dietary heterocyclic amine, 2-amino-1-methyl-6-phenylimidazo[4,5-b]pyridine (PhIP), a genotoxic rat-prostate carcinogen found primarily in well-cooked chicken and beef. To investigate the hypothesis that PhIP exposure increases PC risk, an ongoing prospective clinic-based study compared PC screening outcomes with survey-based estimates of dietary PhIP intake among 40-70-year-old African-American men with no prior PC in Oakland, CA. They completed food-frequency and meat-cooking/consumption questionnaires and had a prostate-specific antigen (PSA) test and digital-rectal exam. Results for 392 men indicated a 17 (+/-17) ng/kg day mean (+/-1 s.d.) daily intake of PhIP, about twice that of white US men of similar age. PhIP intake was attributable mostly to chicken (61%) and positively associated (R(2)=0.32, P<0.0001) with saturated fat intake. An odds ratio (95% confidence interval) of 31 (3.1-690) for highly elevated PSA > or =20 ng/ml was observed in the highest 15% vs lowest 50% of estimated daily PhIP intake (> or =30 vs < or =10 ng/kg day) among men 50+ years old (P=0.0002 for trend) and remained significant after adjustment for self-reported family history of (brother or father) PC, saturated fat intake and total energy intake. PSA measures were higher in African-American men with positive family history (P=0.007 all men, P<0.0001 highest PSA quartile). These preliminary results are consistent with a positive association between PhIP intake and highly elevated PSA, supporting the hypothesis that dietary intervention may help reduce PC risk.”

Original article can be found at this web site: {}

  1. The fear of having prostrate cancer can be devastating to most men. Joselyn Contract

  2. Indeed, which is why hopefully I can help alleviate that fear by shedding light on the subject! Thanks for your comment.

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