Obama Gear, real winner at Florida Classic…

In HOT BUTTON TOPIC, LIFESTYLE on November 25, 2008 at UTC.21.30.

'My President is Black!' vendor @ Florida Classic 11/22/08

Every year rain or shine alumni, students and fans make the annual journey to central Florida’s Citrus Bowl for the ‘Soul bowl’ also known as the Florida Classic. This football game pits two of the oldest most historic historical Black college & universities (HBCU) in the state. Bethune Cookman was founded by the legendary activist Mary McCleod Bethune.

However, this year was like no other year for vendors that ususally line the streets leading up to the stadium. From hats, posters, t shirts, newspapers, magazines, buttons and clothes; just about anything you could imagine–if it had an Obama icon on it it was for sale. Sell it did!

Someone had newspapers from the November 5 general election coverage with a victorious Obama on the cover. In Orlando, these papers usually cost a mere .75 cents. However, today people were buying them for $20. Yes, you read it correct—$20 for the historic print of our nation’s Black President!!

From flamboyant t-shirts with an American flag in effigy and shiny silver letters that read “My President is black.” Others said: “Hail to the Chief” and “God Bless Our First Family.”

The Obama brand is iconic all to itself, and for many struggling in this economic downturn anything with his icon reaps huge profits. Its sure to spiral heading all the way to the Presidential inauguration with no end in sight as black people in particular have the enormous excitement from his cult of personality.

At the Florida Classic, Obama gear was the real winner!


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