Conscientious Politician? A Paradox or growing norm…

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Bing says he will give his salary to Detroit Police to hire more officers

Bing says he will give his salary to Detroit Police to hire more officers

In this day of ever growing scrutiny on political figures nothing is forbidden. With the recent advent of the net & blogs that ‘speak truth to power’ by covering relevant articles that mainstream media might overlook . Its more than worth while to write about a candidate {Dave Bing} for the now vacant seat that former Mayor Kwame Kilpatrick used to hold. As the Kilpatrick case has recieved critical coverage I won’t bother drudging up the negative, rather I’ll expound on the candidacy of Mr. Bing.

Dave Bing is a former player for the Detroit Pistons. Moreover, he’s the owner of a thriving business in Michigan. To his credit, Mr. Bing has honorably declared if he’s elected Mayor in “special election” to replace the ousted Kilpatrick that he would “donate his entire salary to hiring more police officers.” Wow! How honorable is that? That salary is a whopping $176,176; nothing to sneeze at for most Americans.

“I’ve been blessed with two careers,” said Bing, “I’m financially secure and I don’t need to go into this office to make money.”

The special election will take place on February 24, 2009 and he has suggested an array of policy changes that he is already engaging in. Like his example of completing an ‘ethics disclosure form’ to let the public know where his campaign contributions are coming from, or what his financial interests might be if elected. Thats a new twist for a businessman now tossing his proverbial hat into the political arena.

Still, one has to wonder if this isn’t the affect of the Obama enigma over a new era in American politics. For this I simply say—its about time. The electorate like consumers in a free market economy are the true leaders. Simply put, we elect representatives to articulate our ideals through legislative, judicial, and executive initiatives.

The American public is yearning for ‘conscientious’ politician. It seems to be a paradoxical statement with the pervasive corruption in politics. From local municipalities & local governments to the highest office in the land we’ve seen unprecedented scandal & ignoble regimes bent on tarnishing the image of this proud nation.

So, even though I can’t vote in this special election in Detroit I can share my opinion and view of this stalwart of a man who ‘puts his beliefs where his mouth is!’ I’m sure more will follow, but I hope its in sincerity & not expediency to gather votes or office.

Other plans Bing has for the city:

• Reinstituting free bus rides for senior citizens and the handicapped (Noble)

• Consolidating city jobs, including the role of deputy mayor and chief of staff (Thrifty)

• Creating an energy-focused youth jobs program (Visionary)

• Identifying homes and businesses that can be rebuilt as energy efficient by using green technologies (Leading by Example)

• Restructuring the police department to maximize response time (Cost Effective)

• Working with the Detroit Public Schools superintendent to create a more progressive approach to education. (Conscientious, Necessary, Proactive)

Let’s hope the citizens of Detroit support Mr. Bing in his quest to really stand behind the people of Detroit by placing their values before his own. Lord knows in this day & time he’s the exception that will inspire the new rule to American politics both locally & nationally. America is ready for a new era of conscientious politicians, for it need not be a PARADOX!!!


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