All about the Bands at Florida Classic

In CULTURE, LIFESTYLE on November 25, 2008 at UTC.17.30.
Bethune Cookman University's Band gettin LOOSE...

Bethune Cookman University

Many who got to the annual Florida Classic don’t even bother going to the game until halftime. Why you ask? Two words: The Bands. The two schools compete harder over band supremacy than the players on the grid iron. Why? Its all about braggin rights as Florida’s premier band at the collegiate level.

With over 60,000 fans cheering on their respective alma maters & bands the halftime is the one part of this annual match up no one would dare miss, for there is surely to be an iconic moment. Either, from the old school music played to scale, or by the bodacious dance moves the band members perform replete with band instruments.

The Marchin 100 showin how we do it down South

The Marchin 100 showin how we do it down South

No matter the size of instrument, size of band member, or even the ethnic background—Band members get CRUNK & get LOOSE!! Thats the real reason why people  flock from all over the country for this annual  black college reunion!


And if you don’t know, then you better ask somebody!!!


All together now, Let's Get It.... Orange & Green!!

All together now, Let

Cookman Classic Style

Cookman Classic Style


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