NBA Price Analysis

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Cost analysis: The Celtics have the third-highest average ticket price in the league at $68.55, behind the Lakers ($93.25) and Knicks ($70.51), according to the Team Marketing Report. The Celtics’ average ticket is up 4.8 percent, but they do sell seats for as low as $10. The Fan Cost Index, which adds the cost of four average tickets, two small beers, four hot dogs, parking for one car, two programs, and two caps, is up 8.5 percent to $389.20 for Boston. The league average for a ticket is $49.47, up 2.8 percent.

Cheap seats
For the least expensive single-game tickets in the NBA, head to Texas. A look at the top – or bottom – three:
$2 Dallas Mavericks
$5 Memphis Grizzlies
$6.50 Utah Jazz

Should the NBA take a more proactive role in price afford ability for its fans? Charles Barkley recently asked NBA owners to freeze prices for two years until the domestic economic picture stabilizes. Do you think they will? Probably not. Sports caters to the wealthy & well connected.

What does it suggest when over 75% of players in the league are African-American, yet probably only 5-10% of this demographic are actual patrons? Is it fair that the ‘little guy’ is priced out of most arenas? Many arenas have included cheap seats for all fans to be apart of the NBA experience. However, due to the distance & poor sighting of the courts, players, dancers etc. many in this ‘class’ would just rather watch the game at a sports bar or on a cable network at home.

Is it unfair to expect owners to take an egalitarian approach to the fan base to allow all segments of society to take part of excitement that is the NBA? I can tell you from having gone to a Miami Heat & Orlando Magic game its addictive, and once you’ve gone once you can’t wait to get back again-IF you can AFFORD it!

With the rising prices for food, fuel & every day living expenses going to an NBA game is a luxury most Americans can’t afford. Unless, maybe you’re in D. Wade’s fave five… Hmm, maybe I’ can swing that when I get the $$$ to turn my cell phone back on. Anybody got a contact number for D. Wade or Dwight Howard?

  1. Seem like Laker’s ticket price rise every year since Kobe Era.

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