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Child Care: The impact in your wallet…

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Today and America the average costs of child care for a year is just about the same as paying a year of college education! Ladies, did you get that? The average costs for child care in america is just about the same as paying for a year of college?!

So not only is the costs of child care on the rise, but trying to get decent child care is nearly impossible unless you can afford to dish out the big bucks, and in today’s expensive reality with gas almost $5.00 a gallon (and for some of us Americans it already is), and food prices rising as fast as 1 percent a month (yeah, you got that right, that grocery bill from last month will be atleast 1 percent higher this month!) who can afford to pay $220.00 a week for child care! Well, as a mother you feel stuck between a rock and a hard place.

On one hand, you have to work to pay the bills and on the other hand you can’t afford to pay for child care. This is a reality that many familes are facing today. So many families are sitting down to make some really tough decisions, should I stay home? Should my partner stay home? Should I ask for a raise? So many questions, and not quite enough answers.

Well, my best advice my sisters is to really take a hard look at your current situation today and make the best choice for your household. After you have done that, we as sisters need to band together and take this situation to the forefront of this current political campaign. We need AFFORDABLE QUALITY CHILD CARE AND WE NEED IT NOW!

We need to demand our legislators to require companies where at least 25 percent of their workforce are full time workers provide assistance with child care. We need to require the government to provide more funding to child care owners and business owners more programs like a food program in order to keep their costs down and pass the savings on to we parents. We have alot of issues that need to be pushed to the forefront and child care costs are one that we sisters deal with everyday!

Trust me, you are not the only one struggling to make those weekly payments…don’t believe me? Invite a couple of the moms from your childs class and spark up a conversation about it, you’ll see you have a whole army of moms and dads ready to go into battle with these crazy child care prices!