Hornets look to do work this season

In NBA, SPORTS, TOP 10 on October 26, 2008 at UTC.49.31.
CP3 | Point Guard
6-0 | 175 | Age: 23

M. James | Guard
6-2 | 188 | Age: 33

MoPeterson | Shooting Guard
6-7 | 210 | Age: 31

D. Brown | Guard
6-5 | 210 | Age: 29

P Stojakovic | Small Forward
6-10 | 229 | Age: 31

J. Posey | Forward
6-8 | 217 | Age: 31

D West | Power Forward
6-9 | 240 | Age: 28

J. Wright | Forward
6-8 | 225 | Age: 21

T. Chandler | Center
7-1 | 235 | Age: 26

M .Ely | Center
6-10 | 261 | Age: 30

Clearly the favorites in the Western conference for the avid young NBA supporter. Why? CP3 is an electric triple double waiting to happen. He controls the game by getting to his spots on the floor. Paul always in control is equally adept tossing the lob to Chandler off a pick & roll. Or, dishing the rock out to a wide open Peja Stoyakovich.

Paul as triple threat to dish, pat the rock or pop the open “J” is on whole other level on the court. He has no rivals despite what the commentators say. Paul is in a league of his own, and in my opinion should have received he MVP last season. Paul was so instrumental on his team that he orchestrated most of he offense directly or indirectly.
Add big game James Posey to this barely scratching the surface group and the mixture should be lethal. I look for big things this season from the Hornets. Led by All-Stars CP3, & David West and backed up in the paint by Tyson Chandler this team has a dynamic big three that is sure to put in work out West.


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