Bernard Hopkins beats down Kelly Pavlic

In PHILOSOPHY OF SPORT, SPORTS, TOP 10 on October 26, 2008 at UTC.16.31.

Bernard Hopkins dominates Kelly Pavlic. Hopkins showed boxing mastery and advanced skill as against his younger counterpart. Pavlic seemed to throw more pucnhes, although his punches didn’t have any snap to them. On the other hand, B-Hop threw more power punches and had a higher punch count overall. B-Hop clearly landed the harder, cleaner shots. At times, winding up hi right like a helicopter blade going around & around.

Now, will Roy Jones fight Bernard Hopkins. B-Hop has never been knocked out. Jones has been embarrassed a few times, most notably by Antonio Tarver. Hopkins beat Tarver. Roy Jones is slated to fight Joe Calzaghe. Calzaghe beat James “Left Hook” Lacy handily. Calzaghe coming off a big win over  ???? Joe Calzaghe has to be the favorite going into this fight against Jones.

Despite the odds, I give Jones a “puncher’s shot” to knock Calzaghe out. If not, Calzaghe will carry the fight.. Easily throwing the more “compu-box” scoring shots that will land him the victory. Jones is the more explosive fighter, and if he utilizes his cunning & coy boxing skills to his fullest capability he can pull off an upset. Odds are Jones doesn’t pull it off, though one never knows and that’s why we fight.

Pugilist like Hopkins are highly skilled craftsmen trained in the art of hand-to-hand combat. As the body maximizes its ability, the mind actualizes its instinctive probability. With shrewd highly technical defensive prowess Hopkins lured his opponent. Firing clean & hard jabs at will, throwing combos with straight right hands. Launching shots from all angles with acumen & ferocity of a street fighter in a brawl in the parking lot.

Hopkins at 43 displayed the kind of hand & foot speed of a man half his age. Preserved with a mental self defensive fitness the Philadelphia self proclaimed street fighter put on a superior show of intellectual, precise par excellence. If you missed this fight then you missed a classic. Hopkins took the fight to the younger aggressive fighter. Pavlic seemed confused & bewildered.  Hopkins easily outwitting the younger fighter by showing him up with more experience in the ring.

At the end of the fight there seemed to be a blow up between both fighters throwing blows as the bell rang, even to the point of being in offensive positions well afterwards. Both men scowled at one another with gloves raised about to ‘clock’ each other , but cooler more tempered heads prevailed. As a close friend said “emotions are the signs of the weaker fighter.” BY not throwing the much anticipated blow to the chin of the other man, each fighter displayed an awareness of the moment, yet a deep residing kinship. One which forced the other to submit to a power & force much greater than the individual, yet stronger because of it.

As alluded to earlier, Hopkins, after the fight spoke to Pavlic like the saavy veteran he is. He told him “not” to let this fight ruin his carrer. he told him he’s the man at 160. That’s the weight dicvision. He admonished him that if if he didn’t shake off the lose, hten hHopkins “would come lookin’ for him as he ran it down the line like an elder statesman.

Hopkins showed a world class persona both in & outside the ring. His interview with Larry merchant afterwards was equally classic. At times, it seemed to reflect an Muhammad Ali & Howard Cossell vibe. Hopkins as deftly swift with his commentary as he was in the ring swinging uppercuts & head bussa’s. The old man really shined brightest, best and hottest in the ring. He seemed the menacing bully with the more impressive record, imposing resume of knockouts.

Fortunately for the Hopkins camp that wasn’t the case. Even Bernard admitted as much, that he’s an under-achiever, and said that he needs to be underestimated & doubted to rise to his highest height, bringing out his greatness. He continued that he knows it might sound contradictory, but he takes pride in being the underdog. Indeed, B-Hop illustrated just that inside the ropes=Superior skill an talent!

The fight went to a decision, however those watching knew it wasn’t even that close. Hopkins whooped this kid like he stole something. Lasting the distance a full 12 rounds the judges didn’t leave any doubt in who they thought was clearly the better pugilist. Hopkins outscored Pavlic by at least 5-6 points. I’m being modest because I can’t remember the exact numbers.

Just when you thought knew or had seen the best of Bernard Hopkins he goes out and shows up the whole boxing world. You better recognize! BHOP is the truth…..


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