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D. Wade will Silence Critics…


“People said I was done, that I couldn’t be a dominant player anymore,” he says, as softly as a mid-range jumper. There’s nothing like criticism to make a player or person dig deeper to prove naysayers wrong. The Heat’s motto for this season is “Something to prove.” Most definitely they have something to prove as they were the laughing stocks of the East last year.

They were never favored even the year they won the the crown, despite being very close the year before reaching the conference finals. Its as if the Heat is the team the pundits love to hate. Sometimes it takes that to bring out the best in people or players. Wade’s comeback began over the summer after rehab work in Chicago with Attack Athletics.

The Wade we saw in Beijing was the result. He led TEAM USA in scoring. He posted the best all around numbers over the duration of the journey to the far East. Still, the doubters, haters lurk in the shadows. Ready to pounce on his first injury with doom & dismay. This is the fuel for Wade’s fire. This is the reason he’ll play angry this season.

“We’ll see what people say about me now,” he says. King James and Kobe Bryant put up decent numbers on the opening night. The Lakers won, but the Cavs should have won if Lebron had made his free throws in the 4th quarter. He missed 4. Kobe had 11 assists with 23 points. I guarantee Wade posts more points than both.

People don’t seem to remember how high up the mountain he climbed that 05-06 season, even before the MVP & ring. He was tearing the league a new one every single game. The culmination was the game that cemented his legacy. Now he has regained his form, so I predict an MVP season in which he will play all 82 games.

He will have a monster game against the Knicks Wednesday night on eh biggest stage, Madison Square Garden. He will go for 5o points, he’s already joked with D’Antoni about that in Beijing. Only that may not have been a joke—this guy has blood in his eye!

His star had risen higher than James, Anthony & even Bryant at one time in the not so distant past. Though, in this league as in all sports, “its all about what have you done for me lately?” He will explode back into the NBA stratosphere–that much you can be sure.

“It looks like six teams are being slotted already in the playoffs,” Wade said. “There are two others left. We’re still growing, still rebuilding. But we’ve got to be one of those two.”

Wade wears the number 3 on his jersey. This number has many mystical implications. For example, life manifests in 3’s— 9 months of gestation is 3 x 3 respectively! Aside from this, 3 is a powerful number, a transformative number—D. Wade will transform himself this season…