17 corporations were involved in a class action lawsuit in 2003. The charge of profiteering on the ‘slave trade.” Some of teh companies in the lawsuit includes, but isn’t limited to JPMorgan Chase and FleetBoston; insurance companies (e.g., Aetna and New York Life); railroads (Norfolk Southern, Union Pacific and CSX); tobacco companies (R.J. Reynolds, Brown & Williamson); and a textile manufacturer (WestPoint Stevens).

The lawyers are claiming “unjust enrichment” and breach of human rights laws. They are seeking corporate accountability for the profits made from the “peculiar institution.” The plaintiffs want unspecified damages and the establishment of a fund for the healthcare, housing, education and economic development needs of African-Americans.

In addition, they want a full fledged investigation into the financial underpinnings of the system of slavery. This country has never made an official apology for the greatest crime against humanity. A few tacit remarks from companies who’ve been called out is too little too late, and does nothing to rectify the ongoing effects.

America has nerver atoned for her crime, and too the watchers out there, this financial crisis that afflicts this country is a case of her history catching up. Is it justice?

Many detractors say that this federal lawsuit sets up the government to pay reparations to the descendants of ‘enslaved Africans.’

“The lawsuits claim that predecessors of the financial institutions loaned money to slaveowners and handled the monetary transactions of slavery; that insurance companies insured slaves and slave ships; that railroads forced slaves to build and run rail lines (a railroad rulebook prescribes thirty-nine lashes for recalcitrant slaves); that tobacco companies used slave labor in the tobacco fields; and that textile companies profited from cotton cultivated by slaves and sold the coarse garments slaves were forced to wear.”

Seemingly most early American textile & mercantile industries used the free forced labor of an kidnapped workforce. The information is out there, though one has to wonder why no one has steped forward before to address this.

“Deadria Farmer-Paellmann, a lawyer who is a plaintiff and who almost single-handedly has uncovered the information linking corporations to slavery. “These companies have become multibillion-dollar interests in large part due to the practice of stealing people and stealing their labor,” she said. “Justice requires that they atone for these wrongs by paying restitution.”

There just seems to be a stigma attached to any mention of the slave trade. however, the victims of “slavery” don’t own the conservative perpetuation of denial. A transgression occured at teh expense of a whole race of people. Displacement, disenfranchisement, rape, murder, intimidation, persecution and gross injustices. These crimes must be met with swift justice….

Critics charge that the statue-of-limitations has passed, and that no one alive today was the victim of slavery. That’s a trick, though it does nothing to address culpability. The federal government is trying to blow smoke screens to hide this travesty of human rights.

In truth, our government is frightened to deah to put this information in the hands of the American public for fear of retribution. Although, lying, hiding and misrepresenting the facts do nothing save stkoke the flames of protest, rebellion and divine retribution.

There isn’t one industry in this country that wsn’t affected or influenced by what the ‘enslaved’ persons didn’t inculcate. They built this country. The capitol building where laws are passed to continue the unjust oppression of ‘people of color’, especially those descendants of Africa.

“Additional corporations could include utility companies that used slaves to lay gas lines beneath Southern cities like New Orleans and mining companies that forced slaves to dig for coal, according to USA Today reporter James Cox, who has researched the subject extensively. Media companies like Gannett, Knight Ridder and the Tribune Company have been linked to slavery because their predecessors published ads for runaway slaves. Nor are universities exempt. Advocates are discussing whether schools including Harvard, Brown, Yale and the University of Virginia should be sued because many of their original benefactors were allegedly wealthy slaveowners. “

Is it too late for these victims to come forward? Does it matter if they were present or not? How does the reparations of Eastern Europe after WWI and the “Marshall Plan” factor into all of this? How does the Holocaust with jews an their reparations factor?

What about the Japanese after WWII? Or, even the Hawai nation, how come every nationality in the f*&^%( world can get restitution, but when blacks ask for JUST compensation its a fight. Doesn’t matter, one way or another America will PAY. By choice or by force! I pray she chooses to by choice, though am prepared to if its by force.. The force of moral will!!

  1. My great great great Grand Farther was a slave and we are still fighting to get it out of our blood.

  2. i have traced back to the first negro of my family. she gave birth to her first mulatto child in 1736. the succeeding generations stayed with their owner until around 1870. in my opinion, african americans are due some type of monetary award. we not only worked and tilled the land, we also helped build the city of the seat of power as well as many mansions, manors, schools, railroads, and any other institution in america.

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