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In HOT BUTTON TOPIC, LIFESTYLE on September 20, 2008 at UTC.04.30.

Our government has financial policies in place that haven’t changed since the 1930’s. 

The Republicans controlled the congress from 1994-2006. The 12 years preceding Democratic control  Jan. 2007-current.  

Trickle down economics“, a buzzword for a market economy based on ‘free trade’ & a ‘free market economy’  loosely regulated to allow multinational companies to prosper. (Think Haliburton, Coca-Cola, Boeing). 

The American economy that has seen chief executives of corporations recieve “golden parachutes.”  A term used to mitigate neglible sums of cold cash, to the tune of hundreds of millions of *dollar/credits. The last eight years has seen an unprecedented amount of financial gain for many corporations.

On the other hand,  employees have more efficiently performed over the last eight years. Only to see their pay decrease. In fact, a lot have lost their job altogether.  The Republicans, inherited a debt of $4 trillion dollars (credits) according to last reports.

We now have a national debt at $9 trillion dollars (credits).

At the same time, the richest 10% of the American strata has accumulated  $3-4 trillion dollars(credits)  over the last eight yers of the republican administration in the white house.

I use the word credit in place of dollar because it seems that our government has leveraged our ‘blood, sweat & tears to foreign debtor nations that we owe.


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