In SPORTS on September 13, 2008 at UTC.46.30.

The #19 ranked South Florida Bulls looked sluggish, and a step or two slow in the first quarter of their big time matchup with #13 ranked Kansas on Friday. The Bulls opened the game with a couple three and outs with a lackluster effort in the beginning of the game.

On the other side of the ball, Reesing QB for KU came out firing on all cylinders shredding the Bulls secondary for 10 quick hitting points in the first quarter.

Meanwhile USF got on the board with a FG early in the 2nd quarter. This game didn’t start poppin for USF until the 3rd quarter. The BUlls defense came up big time with pressure on Reesing. Causing disruptions, batted balls, and blanketing coverage in the secondary. The George Selvie led defense shut the “Rock & Jock” JayHawks offense down early in the 3rd quarter.

Selvie got his first sack of the season with a sweet ankle grab on reesing that uprooted his leverage and dropped him for a loss. He was so active, I was almost sure he had two sacks on hte night, with a possible 3rd in a gang tackle of Reesing late in the game. Selvie, double teamed all night long had numerous highlight plays against an explosive offense that lit the Bulls defensive backs & corners up.

All in all, that BULLS defense played inspired DEFENSE in the 3rd quarter. They HELD the powerful JAYS offense that saw Reesing blow up Louisana Tech for 412 yds last week, to just NINE (9) yards of offense in the 3rd quarter.

WOW!! That’s BIG TIME D!!!

With the momentum at their backs the BULLS offense led by Matt Groethe marched down the field in 1:09 seconds early in the 3Q. Groethe capped the march with a 24 yard scramble looking like a tailback cutting & finding seams within the defense. This kid has an all-around game. He hit Taurus Johnson for a deep plays. He utilized Mitchell and an assortment of SFLA recievers all night. This team is deep at the skilled positions.

The BULLS corp of running back by committee saw some BIG time running b/w the tackles by the 4th string (that right 4th string) tailback #33 Taylor from Lakeland. Taylor, ran over #25 Stuckey, like a bulldozer clears debris on two long runs early in the 3rd quarter.

Taylor along with Mo Plancher from the BULLS churned up yardage, the clock, and the Jays defense much of he 3rd quarter. Taylor had those two highlight runs as he ran over many of the JAYS DB’s piling up yardage in the process. At one point he averaged 7.1 yards per carry with over 71 total yards.

Wilson & Meir for the JayHawks had 180/120 yards respectively. Meir payed dearly for one play out along het sideline at the first down marker, he made the catch initially, but Murphy CB for USF timed him perfectly as he turned around with a powerful POP right b/w his numbers. Meir, stunned & dazed lay prone for a moment as the ball rolled from his hands. INcomplete pass, BULLS hold the JAYS offense again to 3 and out.

Reesing scored two touchdowns in the 4th, that saw the game tied at 34-34. The BULLS offense had been stopped on two previous drives, so the pressure was tense for the SFLA to break the tie in regulation to avoid an overtime game for the 2nd week in a row.

Groethe and da BULLS did just that marching down field goal range for their new kicker. Alvarado their starting kicker went 1-4 through the first two games, and Coach Leavitt wasn’t gonna trust that guy to WIN for SFLA.

Bonani, USF’s replacement comes out having gone 2-3 on the game 24, 35 FGM; 41 yd FGA. The stadium fell silent. KU coach calls timeout to try an ice the young kicker with the biggest kick and game in his short lived career.

He came back out measured his steps and let it fly….the kick seemed to catch a draft and bend back to the left in between the uprights, just clearing the right post by no more than 24 inches….The distance was never in question. USF WINS as the the remaining :02 seconds of the game tick down. KU UPSET, BULLS CRUSH TOP RANKED OPPONENT!!


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