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What is clemency? Clemency means showing mercy to a criminal for a crime committed. To lessen the penalty of the crime without forgiving the crime itself.

Florida’s clemency laws have been on the books for 137 years. Antiquated? Yes. Florida is one of seven states that doesn’t restore the rights of its ex-convicts after time has been served. These rights extend, but aren’t limited to: the right to vote, right to serve on juries, right to legally bear arms, and the right to apply & recieve state occcupational licenses.

In fact, Florida leads the nation with the most disenfranchised voters. An ex-convicts rights in Florida aren’t automatically restored upon release as in other states. But Why? After the sentence has been completed the stigmatization of criminalization should be removed. Not in Florida, where at least 50,000 individuals haven’t had their rights restored.

Some have suggested that the law is racially motivated, since the majority of those men & women incarcerated are disproportionately affected happen to be African-American, Latino, and other ethnic “minorities.”

There is a reported 8 million voters who are currently unregistered to vote. If you are one of them or know one of them, please encourage them to register. If they are an ex-convict or former felon, please encourage them to find out if they are eligible to have their CIvil Rights restored fully.


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