In NCAA 2008, NCAA [F], SPORTS on September 7, 2008 at UTC.49.30.

If this is the last time these two schools, seperated by just 90 miles on I-4 play, then it was a memorable rivalry.


This was really entertaining and extremely competitive game that went to overtime, between two teams that are up and coming in the State of Florida. This game will be talked about for a long time. it was an instant classic, and had all the great suspense you expect in a heated rivalry. 

Both teams struggled early, though both had early highlights. USF struck first putting 10 points on the board. UCF responded with a 91 yard kick off return that sent the BrightHouse Stadium into an uproar. The videop camera could be seen jumping with the rhythm of the UCF faithful bouncing up & down. IT WAS DIZZYING…

The USF/UCF game was back an forth, and it was full of suspense down to the wire. In fact, the game went to overtime as The UCF Knights scored two touchdowns in the latter stages of the 4th quarter. Michael Graeco, UCF quarterback struggled perilously through the first 3 quarters.

In overtime, Taurus Johnson got free in the end zone to put pressure on the Knights to match. While the Knights moved the ball early in overtime, a costly penalty made the yardage insurmountable. They had a makeable 3rd & 1, to a  challenging 4th & 6.

Graeco, feeling the pocket collapse, scampered for about 5 1/2 yards. The measuring chains were brought out, the Knights, with I feel was bad placement, were just inches short. Game Over.


USF is still the jewel in the Big East as West Virginia went down today to East Carolina. A number of Big East teams have fallen to lesser competition, and the pressure was squarely on the Bulls to hold court in this Central Florida rivalry.


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