In SPORTS, TENNIS on September 6, 2008 at UTC.03.30.

Serena Williams is one victory away from being the #1 player in the world again. She dismantled her sister in a quarter final thriller earlier in the week. Next, she dispatched Dinara Safina in a semi final coup, with a 6-3, 6-2 dominant victory.

She’s said all year that she wants to be number one in the world again. Judging from her play thus far she will win the Open ad regain her #1 seeding. How long she holds it, well that’s another question. Neither, Serena or her sister Venus looked very competitive in Beijing last month in the Olympics.

With that said, as long as she brings her “A” game, there is no one stronger or more intimidating. Her finals competition says that the last time they played against one another, she couldn’t even look at her across the net, “she was just so intimidating!”

Indeed, the tenacity Serena engenders on the court is awe inspiring to her fans, yet fearsome to her opponents. Tomorrow night, primetime Serena Williams will represent her country at the last major Grand Slam competition for the season. If she wins the final, she’ll return back to national & international prominence. The nation will be watching, as she is the lone hope of  American women’s  tennis respectability. No American has won the Open since her last victory in New York in 2003.

No other WTA player in the history of the game has lost her seeding as number one, to regain it back at another time in her career. Serena can make history as a comeback champion. Only this time she’s clearly at her peak, and the competition is light years away. Only Venus is in the same stratosphere with Serena.


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