In Politics, PRESIDENTIAL ELECTION, SCIENCE OF POLITICS on September 4, 2008 at UTC.10.30.

Alaskan Governor Sarah Palin was well rehearsed on her ‘talking points’ and briefs. She came out in full support of Sen. John McCain early, then she preceded to introduce her family to America. She even took the opportunity to voice her support for special-needs children, an admirable gesture from an unseasoned politician on this stage.

She laid out her barbs and lines to be quoted by pundits & commentators alike. Now, the question is how will she respond when the “gloves are off ” against her? She talked the tough talk. Many are calling her McCain’s ‘attack dog.’

  • Her service as Mayor is is tangible responsibilty, Obama’s expereince is questioned?
  • Her service as Commander in Chief of the National guard is more “Executive experience” than the Dem. nom.
  • Her Gubernatorial expereince is more “cattle and less HAT, than Obama’s record.

With all this controversy surrounding her already, not even a week into her selection, and less than 24 hours after her nomination, she might want to ‘fall back.’ She might wanna pace herself because the cheers can quickly become boos, as witnessed tonight during her speech. She was mentioning something about liberals and the crowd was howling, it took her while to seize control, to continue her ‘talking head’ routine.

Still, on the other hand, the RNC was a touching moment worthy of recognition. Indeed, all children in America need attention & recognition, including equal access to quality education, equal rights as protected under the law, equal access to healthcare to prevent illness, equal access to financial management to build a liquid stream of cash flow.

V.P. Palin gave us many points of view to consider, though I want to now what makes her think she entice Obama into a debate?  She needs to stay in her lane, and play her position. Its commendable of her to pull a Hilary Clinton impersonation by preying on Obama’s passivity. Though, I think his passivity is more strategy than personality—there is a difference.

America may be a lot of things, but I hasten to think she’s this gullible to fall for this obvious last ditch effort to breath life in the geriatric old party!!! (no disrespect to the elderly). All things being equal, what company or organization could McCain lead in this stage & condition in his life. My grandmother is his age, and she says he’s too old.

Situational irony because blacks at first ranted against Obama, and women railed against Clinton, at one time. People often times discriminate against their own. We are our own worst judge, & critic.

McCain has served well, but that doesn’t mean he’s given the Presidency becasue of time honored tradition served, survived “Hanoi Hilton’ and BOOM he’s in the White House. I mean what’s really going on here?

There are two world’s clashing here, one stuck irrevocably to the past, and the other pressed insatiably toward the future. All the momentum in the world was with the 88,000 supporters for the candidate from Illinois, and the V.P. selection from Delaware. Its gonna get rougher yet, and the road will be rocky, though the journey is consummated in the city Benjamin Banneker surveyed, cartography(ed), and designed.

The relevance of Banneker is obvious, here was an African/American that was free. He helped in the design & layout of D.C. He met with Washington & the French surveyor to discuss design. Banneker then, Obama now. History is a current event!

Consider that.


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