In PHILOSOPHY OF SPORT, SPORTS, TENNIS on September 4, 2008 at UTC.12.30.

I’ve never seen a tennis match that had a first & second set tiebreaker. The tiebreakers had tiebreakers. These two Nubian Goddesses battled like mighty Ashanti warriors. Venus cranked forehands hard and flat skidding off of lines. Serena dug deep and returned a lot of balls that wel out of reach of normal players.

Though, this wasn’t your normal quarter final. It was more like a final. The primetime start. The lights, the crowd, the electricity. The Williams sisters in their avante guard best. Both sisters played exceptional high level tennis.

Though, Venus let this match slip away with sloppy untimely play that left her dejected in defeat. Venus had 10 MATCH POINTS to close out this match. Many times she served with the match on her raquet. She double faulted, just surrendered to Serena’s will. However, it was so evenly matched, either sister could have walked away with thsi victory.

What up with the WTA for placing them against one another so early in the Open? They are the biggest market draw, so they should only meet in finals on the weekend, when everyone can really enjoy this tennis. They botched this one. They better ask sombody next time, or its gonna cost tehm ratings.

If you missed this match, then you missed an instant classic of epoch proportions. I mean both sisters raised their level of play to unearthly. Seriously, I was in utter disbelief, and theres never been a moment I’m at a lost for words watching SERENA & VENUS. They left a brother speechless. Utterly!!! LOL

Venus & Serena are teh best players in teh world right now, no one is even close. I don’t care what the rankings suggest. No other active player on tour has more majors than them. Who else has their swagger? Who? Because they play so few tournaments their rankings suffer. Though, now they are said to be focusing soley on their rankings. The field better beware.

If Serena wins the U.S. Open then she’ll be the world’s number one. Another reason to support Ms. Williams. She’s highly favored, and motivated after a poor showing in Beijing in singles.

Thank you ladies for my special gift on this special day….. GO SERENA!!!!  😉

  1. Happy birthday my brother. I hope it was a good one.

  2. Thanks my brother, it was memorable! Thanks for the thought..

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