In DEM. NAT.'L CONVENTION on August 27, 2008 at UTC.06.31.
Michelle, Malia, Sasha speak to Barack

Michelle, Malia, Sasha speak to Barack

Michelle Obama, wife of Democratic nominee Barack Obama addresed the DNC on Monday evening. Many pundits, journalists & conservatives have been on this sister’s case all campaign long. What does she mean she’s not proud of her country? When, in fact, her words were related out oc context. She said; “For the first time in my adult life, I am proud of my country!”

How in the hell does one misconstrue a self evident statement like this? Easy, if you’re not for the Obamas, then you’re probably against them. Thats exactly what happened! Now, was her first major public address, and many claim a chance to re-introduce herself to the American public.

Obama’s message was a sweeping success. She touched all the right & necessary chords: their background, her family, her academic success, and why Obama was the best qualified to lead this nation from peril. She said that Barack was raised with the same values as her family raised her with. Her brother introduced her & lauded her & Barack’s accomplishments.

The highlight of her speech may have been the one least scripted. At the conclusion, she brought out Malia & Sasha to wave at the adoring crowd. Suddenly, via satellite Poppa Obama made his way on screen & the whole world got a 1st hand reality look inside the Obama family.

Sasha, the younger sibling was articulate, when Dad asked her, “How did mommy do? Her response, Good!” She ws the show stopper as everyone couldn’t help, but be drawn into teh Obamas through th youngest members of their family.

Michelle Obama did her part in the representation of a capable, heart felt, charismatic 1st Lady. Now, the nation awaits her husbands speech Thursday night.


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