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How Sweet It Is

How Sweet It Is

Wade, was easily the most valuable player for Team USA, and commentator Doug Collins said as much, “Team USA plays its best ball when Wade is on the floor.” Indeed, Wade showcased his all-around game steals, rebounds, defensive presence & of course a penchant for scoring in droves. Before the games began Wade said he was going to ‘play angry’ because naysayers didn’t think he belonged on the team.

My question is would Team USA win Gold w/o All-Star D. Wade? Not even close, the semi final game against Argentina was closer than most would like to admit, and with James & Bryant plagued with fouls the USA was in dire straits. Enter D. Wade, Captain Save A Nation!! Outside of Bryant & James no one had the ability to get to the rim the way Wade did.

Those guys couldn’t get on track in the semi final game. Then in the Gold medal round, James had a respectable 16 points, but hardly was a difference maker. Kobe, didn’t GET OFF, until the 4th quarter. Had Wade not scored 21 points at half time the game wouldn’t have even been close. In fact, Chris Bosh along with Wade saved face for Team USA in the gold medal game.

Howard, who couldn’t make free throws to save his life was plagued with fouls. So, in comes Bosh who displayed defensive prowess unheard of from him. He rebounded and blocked shots, and got out on the breaks for easy transition points. At the line, Bosh held his own with a much higher percentage than Howard. Moreover, he was outmatched by the Gasol brothers. Pau, had more skill and Marc had more strength. However, Chris had more tenacity & desire to win. In the end, that made all the difference in the world….



D. Wade was the best player on a team full of All Stars. Yet, he never complained about being 6th man. Nor , did he complain about playing out of position. He was the consummate professional. Wade had a point to make, he didn’t like having his spot handed over to Bryant. Remember Bryant wasn’t on the team originally, he just came aboard last off-season. He wrestled Wades spot away, while Wade recouperated from shoulder & knee injuries.

Kobe Bryant may be the best player in the NBA, but D. Wade is the best clutch player in the NBA. How do you explain his 60%  field goal percentage in the olympics? Granted each player had a role on this team; Kobe was the lockdown defender (couldn’t stop Navarro, MIlls or Ginobli), Lebron was the vocal leader, and D. Wade provided BUCKETS!!

Dwyane Wade is the MVP & Most Outstanding Player (MOP) of these 29th Olympic Games!!

  1. I agree with you one hundred percent. I’ll even go a step farther to say D. Wade is simply the best player in the game since his sophomore year in the NBA. Let me take you back to the 2005 playoffs. As he led his team to a 3:2 series lead over Detroit, there came Rasheed Wallace jumping on Wade’s chest injuring him. He sat out the next game and tried to give in a go the next game, but it was obviouse he was still badly hurt and Detroid took full advantage of that with 2:30 to go in the fourth quarter and miami lost the game.

    Well the next year with Flush healthy and gutting out for revenge he dispose off the pistons in 4:2 in the conference finals and well the rest was history during the finals. After trailing 2:0 in the finals with 6 minutes to go he took over the game dismantling the mavricks with 35pts a game on almost 55percent shooting to capture his first tittle and the first for your Miami heat.Even the greatest of them all namely M.J never had those numbers in any of his NBA titles.

    The next year the injury bug caught up to Wade and it let to his team getting swept in the first round of the playoffs against Chicago. After the season he had the knee worked on and came to beijing with a chip on his shoulder. Once again a healthy Wade among NBA super stars he proved that he’s simply the best player not only on the world stage but also among his own peers. While the other two guys almost overwhelminly been voted to be 1 and 2, bryant and lebron respectively to be the best players in the game today. Wade came off the bench scored at will and was clearly head and shoulders over everyone. Not only did he make the team better everytime he was on the court, but the opposition had no answer for him. They know exactly what he wanted to do and yet they couldn’t stopped him.

    Being the best player in the NBA is going to ring loud bell in everyone’s ears in the 2010 NBA season. Now with better players around him I predict he’ll end the season with MVP award, over 55 percent shooting, and an MVP of the finals. I don’t care who the opponent is gonna be in the finals but Wade an company will sweep everyone in the Playoff and are going to set all kinds of NBA records that will blow your min

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