In INTERNATIONAL NEWS, NBA, SPORTS on August 24, 2008 at UTC.13.31.

What a day for the Americans. TEAM USA swept the 4 x400 Relays men & women. Later on, the women’s & men’s National Basketball team SWEPT the Gold medal finals. The game was great as Spain gave the Americans all they could handle. With over 15 fouls called in the first quarter alone, both Kobe Bryant & Lebron James were saddled with two early fouls a piece.

Enter Dwyane Wade. He led TEAM USA with 21 first half points. Wade was spectacular, he hit 3- 3 points shots, made a couple key steals. He made decisive plays that changed the momentum of the game. Countless times he was seen breaking his man down off the dribble. His handles seem to have improved.

His rim rattlin thunderous DUNKS lifted the whole team, and kept his team ahead. Wade finished with ateam high 27 points & 4 steals. His only bad play came off a steal where he had a breakaway dunk & he lost the ball as he went up. Wade carried this team by providing buckets & aggressive defense that disrupted the guard pla of Spain.

The USA led SPAIN buy only 8 points at the half 69-61. Spain’s guards Ricky Rubio, Rudy Fernandez & Juan Carlos Navarro gave the perimeter defenders all they could handle. Time and time again, the navarro broke Bryant down off the dribble. Thats why he was in foul trouble. Paul tried him, and Navarro ate him up, Williams tried him and NAvarro ate him up. He should be in the NBA! Their guards are superior to ours with dribble penetration.

Only because we played man to man and they run off screens & picks, Spain plays zone a lot. Still, Spain more than compensated for their being a key man short. They played to win, not for 2nd place. They won the respect of TEAM USA. FA SHO’. The game was close because Spain kept the faster, bigger, stronger Americans in half-court sets. They couldn’t get out and run like they normally do.

Kobe Bryant finished with 20 points & 6 assists, but 13 big points in the 4th quarter. He took over for about 6-8 minutes in the 4th. Whether breaking up an alley hoop by P. Gasol at the rim, making a bullet assist to Lebron under the basket, or breaking down his man & kicking out to Wade for a 3! Bryant had many highlights, he wet a 3 pt shot with a foul on Rudy Fernandez cappin a 4 pt. play. Afterwards, he put his finger to his mouth to motion SILENCE!

Yea, it really got that deep, Spain was MORE than a threat. They brought out the best in the NBA players. On the other hand, if Europe put all their best players on one team they would win easily. i mean here you have “supposedly” the best players in the world from the NBA, but they were in real trouble. The game was close & Spain had the momentum going into the half & at pivotal moments during the 3rd quarter!

I salute the team from Spain. Those guards they have should all be in the NBA, in fact they are, were and will be. Navarro is back in Europe, Rubio is too young, Fernandez is going to the Blazers, Calderon who sat out with an injury  is with the Raptors i (think) and I know Garbojosa is an NBA player.
Up front the two Gasol boys are NBA talent with Marc finally coming to Memphis this fall. They have 7 players in the NBA more than half their squad. They will be nice for a long time coming with their team play, tenacity, team work & perseverance. SALUD….
Rudy Fernandez had ateh highlight dunk of the game, it ws during the 3rd quarter. Bryant gambled on the steal & Rudy drove to the basket thru the lane, Howard jumped out, but rudy had turned the corner & threw down a monster DUNK in Howard’s grill. It was nasty. It was a statement & it was vicious. I was outta my seat like WHOA!! WTF? Did he just dunk that on……..Superman? LOL…


  • 15 /22 /37     O/D/T          REB
  • 8/17/47         M/A/%         3PT
  • 38/74             M/A             FG %
  • 23/28/82       M/A/%         FT

Spain kept this game competitive by getting to the line early & converting their shots with a high percentage. No to mention, they out rebounded the U.S., especially on the offensive end. They killed got twice as many with a 15/8 edge.

The second chance opportunities, combined with a high 3 pt. percentage and you can see Spain had a plan that almost worked. Keep the game in a half court by controlling the boards & the tempo. Play aggressive while attacking the rim to get to the line & get the USA players in foul trouble.


  • 39/65/60                  M/A/%            FG
  • 13/28/46                  M/A/%            3PT
  • 27/37/73                  M/A/%            FT
  • 8/23/31                    O/D/T            REB
  1. The US team looks real good. But the rest of the world is catching up. In 2012 it could be a different story.

  2. Yea I know what you mean Spain & Argentina are really impressive. The U.S. has to keep the players together in the off season, no matter whom they choose. We lose J Kidd, but Kevin Durant will be there most likely. Not to mention, Bryant will be 32 on 2010, and 34 in 2012. Does he come back? All the more reason to watch right? D. Wade has to be the MVP for the team!!!

  3. Jason Kidd is gone for sure. Kobe Bryant is probably gone too. I except Kevin Durant, Greg Oden, Derrick Rose, Mike Beasley, and OJ Mayo to probably make the team.

  4. Yea, mos def J. Kidd is gone, but I’m not sure those other names will be there. Outside of Durant, the rest of these guys are unproven. Oden, I figure has the greatest shot of the ‘unprovens.’ He’s a beast & enormous, two qualities Team USA lacks. Though, its still to early to tell whether or not he’s made a full recovery & can withstand the 82 game grind that is the NBA regualr season.

    Derrick Rose & OJ Mayo will have a hard time cracking this team, becuz the U.S. team is laden with backcourt & perimeter players. Unless, Wade, Bryant, Paul, Williams elect not to return, I can’t see any room for Rose or Mayo…

    As far as, B Easy that remains a possibility because he could play the 3/4 and his game translates best out of these players to the FIBA game. Then again theese guys could be selected, and not make the final selection team that travels. Recall, Arenas, Hinrich, Stoudemire & Bowen were apart of the team, but they didn’t make the ‘final’ team….

    I imagine that with this win & return to International respectability, many players will beat the doors down to play for Team USA. That competition will be great for our team….

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