In NBA, SPORTS on August 23, 2008 at UTC.01.31.

I really like shaun’s game, I hope Pfund & Riley take a long hard look at this guy. He would give the Heat length & floor vision on the offensive end. If he’s fuuly recovered he would add much needed athleticism to the PG position. The Heat need a guard who can break down defenses & either score or pass the rock. Sean seems a perfect fit from that vantage point. 

i’m not buyig all this talk about him being a great backup. He played behind Sam Cassell a couple of years, but while Sam was there he was clearly the best guard on the team. His development illicited  Cassell’s release from the team. This guy is a real talent & coupled with his youth, he can easily grow with a young established team for the next 10 years.

If Glover can help Wade get back to elite form, you gotta give this guy a chance. Its a win-win you know he’s motivated. He’s young, talented & would be a gr8 fit in our new system. Reports claim he’s been rehabbing from his knee for the last 18 months. The fact that he’s with Glover eases my mind because that guy has made D Wade’s return to Super Star form complete. Wade has explosion, hops, confidence, lateral movement and more strength. Now, if Sean can duplicate that kind of recovery the Heat would be foolish to pass him up. The South Florida Heat has a way of reviving careers. Hey Riley bring this guy in ASAP. He’s the answer!!!

6'7" Livingston handles & can dish Da rock!


“He’s here five to six days a week, working out,” Grover said via telephone Friday morning. “I won’t go into any detail regarding what he’s doing but I’ll say this, by the first day of training camp he’ll be ready.”

 I hope so, and in a Miami Heat uniform. Its an upgrade for both involved. Sean needs a fresh start and trust me Miami is the freshest start there is in the NBA. With Livingston on board, fully recovered the Heat are ready to ‘redeem’ themselves from last seasons debacle….

“In addition to the strength-training program that Grover has him on, Livingston is getting his fill of basketball, playing in high-level games with approximately 20-25 other NBA players, including former Clipper swingmen Corey Maggette and Quentin Richardson.”

I’d like to get an idea for his rehab from the other NBA players, especially Maggette who played with him L.A. He’s the best guy to give an honest opinion to his progress, since he knows the healthy Sean & the Sean he’s playing against today. Are his legs & thighs stronger? Are the muscles around the knee stronger?

What is Sean’s mentalilty on the court? Does he look apprehensive or like his old self? My question for Glover, has he made enough progress to lead you to believe he’s on the road to full recovery. Perhaps, he already has because he’s playing full contact. Does he have explosion in his legs? Can he move laterally with no inhibition? There are a lot of questions surrounding him comiing forward from that horrific injury.

“The next order of business is for Livingston to find a team. He became an unrestricted free agent last month, when the Clippers renounced their rights to him. Prior to that, the Clippers declined to extend Livingston a qualifying offer of at least $5.8 million.”


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