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The latest Cold War installment ha left many questions unanswered. Why would Russia risk isolation, and U.N. retaliation for a former U.S.S.R. teritory? With this invasion of Georgia, are we ebbing closer to nuclear war?

Russia/Georgia Border

Russia/Georgia Border

Surely, there is more to this story that meet the eye. The dramatic irony of it all is laced with the fact, Vladimir Putin was at the opening ceremonies in Beijing. Seated within proximity to President Bush, the Heads of State exchanged pleasantries, while this Russain invasion was underway.

I find it hard to believe that with all the technological advances & intelligence we have in this country no one saw this coming. Unbelievable, or has Washington just employed their normal method of operation: the smoke screen? Where are the voices of dissent?

Is it possible that Georgia provoked their neighbors? Is it possible that Georgia actually launched an attack on Russia first? I would say anything is possible these days. I’ve recieved reports to corroborate this:

“On Aug. 8, the Georgian government initiated a sudden bombing and artillery attack on South Ossetia’s capital city Tskhinvali. The Georgian military hoped to reclaim the small region of 1,505 square miles, which has tried to exercise its proclaimed independence since 1990. Georgian forces bombed and fired missiles against South Ossetia’s civilian population, but were quickly driven out by Russian troops.”

Can you put trust in print media? Perhaps, if you cross reference all your facts, and engage in intense research maybe. Well, this blog is the first step in that direction. Inquiring minds want to know!!


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