In INTERNATIONAL NEWS, SPORTS on August 22, 2008 at UTC.04.31.

What is really going on with TEAM USA track & field? Both the men & women dropped the baton in preliminary heats of the 4 x 100 relay. First, the men. On the third leg, Darvin Patton attempting to hand off to anchor leg Tyson Gay, something went wrong. The baton dropped to the track. Cardinal rule #1 when running track, never drop the baton. Its an automatic DQ (disqualification).

Patton drops attempted pass to GAY

Patton drops attempted pass to GAY

The U.S. men were in contention with Trinidad for that race up to that point. Extremely disappointing results for the men, especially Tyson Gay. He leaves Beijing with no Bling, after having one of the best 2007 seasons in the World Championships. Still, no one remembers that only the Olympics. Gay has been one frustration after another.

He dissatisfied in the men’s 100M & 200M, and now in the 4 x 100 relay. Old boy has a lot of redeeming to do. Well, word is him & Kobe are buddy buddy, so maybe he can get some pointers on redemption.


Edwards Dejected in defeat & DQ

Edwards Dejected in defeat & DQ

Similarly, the USA women who have held their own. Although, they have been bullied by the Jamaican sprinters as well. So, this was a chance for them to get a little back by going for gold in this ultimate in team running. Wasn’t to be though, same scenario Torii Edwards on the 3rd leg trying to pass to Lauryn Williams, somehow the exchange got bobbled and the baton fell ominously to the ground.

But in true Olympic spirit, Lauryn Williams, whom had the same thing happen to her in 2004 Athens picked up the baton & ran the race to completion. She said, “she couldn’t walk it in, she had to finish it.” Indeed, she did by running it out strong. I really appreciate her spirit and competitive integrity which is rare to find these days with new school athletes.

  1. It looks like Patton dropped with itention!

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