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For sure, when lightining strikes it sends most scampering for the nearest shelter to avoid being struck. This wasn’t your normal strike, this was more like a blur across your screen wearing green & gold. Everyone in the house was in shock, How can this guy win like he does, and do it so effortlessly?

Outside of the dominance of Michael Phelps in the swimming pool, clearly Bolt is the most dominant athlete this sport has seen in a very very long time. Consider, that no other sprinter has won both the 100 & 200 Gold medal since Carl Lewis in 1984. That’s twenty-four years ago, in addition, he broke Michael Johnson’s record which had stood for 12 years, since he set it in Atlanta back in 1996.


Everyone wanted to know how fast is this guy, if he runs an all out race start to finish. We all saw him ease up in the 100M, so we figured he’d try the same in this race. Although, track records are treated as sacred repositories of history, none but Bolt knew he would break Johnson’s record.

When the gun fired he may have been 10 meters out ahead of the sound, he’s just that scarily swift. According, to speedometers Bolt runs about 32 mph. Say what? Yes, he runs faster than some gas powered scooters. Hmmm, could this be an alternative to high prices at the pump? Doubtful, you see Bolt is 6’5″ tall and is really lean.

He has revolutionized the sport the same way Johnson did back in 1996, and its for his personality. Sprinters have always had larger than life ego & personas, thats hat makes their feats that much more entertaining. Bolt has resurrected the sport with his energy, passion & enthusiam. Despite, being a relatively new school sprinter, his talent belies the history of Jamaican track & field.

“Everything came together tonight,” Bolt said. “I just blew my mind. I blew the world’s mind.”

You can say that again, he puts butts in seats like Jordan put butts in arenas. He makes you wan to watch his races, partly because of his amazing talent. On the other hand, he just seems above all the stuffiness that older athletes seem to portray.

“He added spirit to the sport,” said American Shawn Crawford, “He danced in the introductions, and he danced at the end.” He & American sprinter Walter Spearmon are buddies, while Spearmon was giving an interview, Bolt came over & poured some blue powerade down his shirt. That’s the kind of energy he has, fresh, new, vibrant!

“I saw I could get the world record in the 200, so I said, ‘I’m going to leave everything on the track,'” Bolt said. Then he went out and did it.”

Shit, the only thing he left on the track was his legacy & reputation as arguably the greatest Jamaican sprinter for all time. To see him running so relaxed, as other runners are straining to just get 2nd & 3rd place is mind blowing. No one has won this way before. I mean he destroyed the field, and didn’t seem pressed during the process. Give credit where credit is due. Bolt is the truth.

Perhaps, Bolt was just destined for this moment, before the games began, there was a report that Bolt was racing himself in a video game & broke the 100M record. Moreover, 12 years ago Michael Johnson wore GOLD spikes on his shoes. Guess what color spikes Bolt wore on his shoes GOLD as in medal—-can you say foreshadowing? Something to think about….

“Michael Johnson is a great athlete, and he revolutionized the sport,” Bolt said. “I just changed it a little bit.” Still, Bolt is like no other runner before him. In fact, its been suggested that his running stride is about 9 feet in length. Which has to be an advantage.

“I talked to the Prime Minister,” Bolt said. “He told me everything in Jamaica is blocked off. Everyone is in the streets.”


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