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Jamaica’s 1st Gold medal olympic champion, Veronica Campbell-Brown repeated her 2004 Athens feat. She won the women’s 200M final in the 2008 Beijing Games. Her chief competition was American Allyson Felix, however Felix didn’t resemble the runner who had beaten Brown several times since Athens. This time history would repeat itself: Brown-Gold, Felix-Silver.

For her efforts Brown posted the fastest time this year, and the 7th swiftest time EVER! Indeed, the Jamaican National team has swept the sprint events, and has gained international acclaim. They broke records, swept events, dazzled Chinese fans, and excelled at the most popular events in the summer games. When the pressure mounted, TEAM JAMAICA rose to the occassion.

This team is the quintessential best in the sprints a tribute to their national obsession with the sport. Campbell-brown ran a 21.74 destroying the field, and marking the 3rd fastest time EVER by a Jamaican woman. Can you say H-I-S-T-O-R-I-C-A-L? That seems to be the theme with ultra-talented JAM team.

{Excerpts & photo from Jamaican Daily Gleaner}

“I am just very happy that God has helped me to come out here and defend my title. I am just overwhelmed,” Campbell-Brown said. “I am in the best shape of my life this year.”

“Her winning sprint is also the fastest untainted clocking at the Olympics since Gwen Torrence did 21.72 to win in Barcelona, 16 years ago. Only two other Jamaicans, Merlene Ottey, 21.64, and Grace Jackson, 21.72, have gone faster than Campbell-Brown.”

Campbell-Browns 29th Olympiad has been one written for the ages. On the other hand, Its a little baffling they haven’t recieved more press coverage. It’s probably because Track is so revered in the states that people are still in a state of shock. Although, these athletes are from a small caribbean nation, they have defeated the American Goliath in a most improbable setting. That alone has & should vault them on the national scene & international acclaim.


  1. I agree that it’s a shame that the accomplishments of the Jamaican team are flying so far under the radar. I think, or at least hope, that looking back, people will really be able to appreciate the staggering accomplishments achieved by the Jamaican track team.

    -Dan Cheek

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