In INTERNATIONAL NEWS, SPORTS on August 22, 2008 at UTC.29.31.

The United States becomes the first country in Olympic beach volleyball history to sweep gold at the same Games.

American dominance in Men’s Beach Volleyball hadn’t been done since Karch Kiraly back in 1996, 2000. This was a 3 setter barn burner, that went back and forth. Brazil, was surely the best the U.S. had faced in Beijing at the Chaoyang Park venue.

The Beach volleyball Gold medal match between the Americans & the Brazilians was one to watch. The U.S. team played from behind during most of the 1st game. However, the momentum shifted as the Americans ripped a couple of crosscourt kills. In the end, they closed the first set 23-21 USA. The game was close and intense straight through.

The next set was marked by uneven play from the American team. Rogers recieved most of the serves, therefore, he had to carry the offensive load. Team Brazil never served to Dalhausser because of his sheer size, 6’9″ and power. Brazil won the second set 21-17, though based on the demeanor Team USA was too worried.



They opened that 3rd set with monster serves, and monster blocks at the net by Dalhausser. It may have been 4 consecutive blocks by Dalhausser against Fabio. It ws surreal, the usually stoic Dalhausser screaming with intensity as the teams switched sides of the court. It was a magical moment in an otherwise tense final that seemed to ebb & flow over the duration of the match.

“You don’t play many third sets for the Olympic gold medal,” Dalhausser said. “If there was one time to get fired up, that was the time right there.”

“I just got in the zone,” Dalhausser said. “You know, some athletes say you just get in a zone and you don’t think. You just do it and you do all the right things. It’s pretty amazing.”

On the other side, women’s beach volleyball didn’t fail to appeal to all the hype. Earlier, in the competition President George Bush came to show his support of May & Walsh. In volleyball, players tap one another on the ass as a token of luck.

Surprisingly, May-Treanor asked “G DUB” to smack that for luck. She turns around, pops her back side like Beyonce, and BUSH in true GANGSTA PREZ form lightly taps May on the upper back, while grinning from ear-to ear. It was hard to judge who enjoyed the friendly tap more DUB or MAY? Probably Bush, at any rate, it made for scintillating theater.

I may not agree with his politics in Washington, but I approve of his sand politics on the beach. For once, I was proud tha he was my Prez. I wonder what Laura was thinking when she that footage?



May & Walsh didn’t really need ‘good luck’ they blew through the field like Tropical Storm Fay in Florida. For the second straight olympics they didn’t drop a set. Incredible! At the games of the 29th Olympiad they extended their winning streak to 108 matches. Combined with the fact, they achieved history under the ever watchful eye of paparazzi & American media. We all know how tough that can be!

“Kerri and Misty in general inspire us,” Rogers said. “We’ve talked about it a lot and said, ‘Hey, let’s just try and do what Misty and Kerri do.’ They’re just so much better than everyone else. Everyone else is catching up a little bit, but when they turn it on, no one comes close to them. On the men’s side, it’s not that way. I recognize that we’re not going to be 108-0; we’re going to lose a few tournaments. …So just to be within shouting distance of them, I look at that as, ‘Wow, that’s an accomplishment.’ They push us.”

“I dreamt about rain last night. It could have been 500 degrees or 500 below, and we’d be happy,” Walsh said. “The rain makes it better. We felt like warriors out there.”

Yea they really were Warrior like out there, even the opposing Chinese team had to acknowledge as much.

“The American team is better than we are,” Tian said. “They are more experienced and stronger. But we have made great strides for these Olympic Games. This is the best that we could do.”

The best quote came from Walsh, “I’m not done, and I hope Misty isn’t done yet, either,” Walsh said. “I can’t imagine playing without her.” For our sake let’s hope not…


{excepts from NBC Beijing Bch Volleyball Blog}


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