In INTERNATIONAL NEWS, NBA, SPORTS on August 22, 2008 at UTC.55.31.

Two games down, and 1 more to go for full redemption for Team USA. This was the one game that the four Americans who played in Athens ’04 circled on their calendars. This game was the real redemption because Argentina had man handled USA since 2002 world games. Then it was teenaged Nocioni DUNKING on Kevin Garnett & Tim Duncan while beating the Americans into submission.

Follow that up with ’04 Athens where Ginobli & company knocked TEAM USA out of Gold medal contention with a victory over the boys from the states, and you can see why, this was the 1 game we couldn’t lose, not again. Not to TEAM ARGENTINA, who not only whooped us, but danced on the court in joyous celebration in Athens.

Unfortunately, my main man Manu Ginobli re-injured the same foot that was hurt during the Western conference semi finals. Ginobli left the game after teh first quarter never to return. In addition, Nocioni was also injured, his left knee. So, Argentina wasn’t at full strength, but you’ll hear no sympathy from the American boys.

It’s hard,” Scola said of Ginobili’s injury. “You want to play, you want to win, all of a sudden you find out all of the hard work you did is going into the trash.”

ALL 4 1 & 1 4 ALL

ALL 4 1 & 1 4 ALL

For Dwyane Wade, Carmelo Anthony, Lebron James & Carlos Boozer, this was the ONE true vindication they had to recover at all costs. Losing wasn’t even an option, only returning the GOLD medal to the land that created basketball. However, everyone knows that the whole wide world has caught up to us, moreso, they don’t get intimidated by TEAM USA as in the past. The psychological edge is gone!

The game got testy as Luis Scola & Carmelo Anthony got tangled. Anthony threw an elbow to Scola’s chest pushing him sevral feet. No harm, no foul…just keep your hands to yourself…Then Dwight Howard got hit in the face y Fabricio Oberto as attempted to dunk. Howard, usually cool, calm, and collected let out a loud scream at Oberto, and Melo’ came over in a flash to exchange a few words with him. He had to be restrained by his team mates, or Melo’ may have thumped Oberto.

They were better than us, there’s nothing more to say,” Scola said. “They’ve been playing better than us the whole tournament. We have to say congratulations to them.”

If you’re a USA fan this was must see t.v. If you’re a basketball player going to WAR against the world for GOLD, you definitely want Mr. Anthony on your aqua backing you up w/ is NYC bravado.

We still have one more test to go, but I think our team is extremely confident,” said point guard Chris Paul.

Still, you have to givie it to their team. Luis Scola had 28 pts, and got the score within 6 points before the half. Team USA struggled against the zone defense, committing several turnovers, and just  falling out of sync offensively. At one point, TEAM USA had taken 20, 3 pointers out of 30 shots overall. Though there defensive intensity brought them back in the 2nd half.

They wanted to play physical, we played physical with them and I think we beat them at their own game tonight,” Anthony said.

No dounbt, and I loved it because Nocioni, Ginobli & Scola are a force to reckon with. They brought it and may have made the game more competitive had their leader not gone down.




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